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Sermon: Epiphany

An epiphany is when you understand the essential nature of something, usually through very simple means. Usually an epiphany is communicated by a writer symbolically. John 1 is John’s epiphany, the story of how he came face to face with God. John 1 is a poetic metaphor of the traditional Christmas story. It is the story of the Word who created the world purposefully and in harmony with Himself. Without Him nothing was made that was made. He created man and gave him life and light. But something happened – darkness. What will happen to the Word, what will happen to man, what will happen to the darkness? The difference in this story and other metaphors of the Gospel is this is your world, you live in the darkness, and this Word is indeed God. Through this powerful story, you too, like John can experience epiphany can come face to face with God. Topics Discussed: Living on the razor’s edge Why Einstein was interested in origins Irreducible complexities Listen audio of the sermon: Epi

Sermon: Life in Conversation with God

Life is meant to be a conversation with God. The glory of God is the topic of the conversation. Prayer is the dialogue of the conversation. Which statement better reflects your prayer life: “But there was no voice; no one answered, no one paid attention.” Or “Then the fire of the Lord fell. . .” Elijah was a man who lived in conversation with God. In a context in which every event of life is an opportunity to learn more about the glory of God and for God to use you to spread His glory, prayer is meaningful and miraculous. People who live life in conversation with God see the laws of physics, time and space bend when God answers prayer. Other topics included in this message: · What you can do with ten dollars. · Praying for marathons. · Do mushrooms grow in caves? Listen to audio of the sermon “ Living in Conversation with God .”


Three Psalms, in Latin, all begin with the same words, “Miserere mei Deus” meaning, “Have mercy on me, O God.” The 51st Psalm was penned by David after the prophet Nathan had exposed him and confronted his sins of adultery and murder. In expressing his innermost desire to be right with God, he submitted his plea for mercy to the Chief Musician (Ps. 51:1), as a song to be used in public worship. In 1518 it was known simply as “The Miserere”, composed by Constanzo Festa. He arranged nine vocal parts in two choirs, one of five and the other of four. Each choir alternated in Gregorian chant and then came together for the final verse. They sang David’s prayer, his cry for mercy as a song in public worship. By 1638 it was Allegri who had taken “The Miserere” and added soaring soprano parts and a compelling melodic style. So captivated by it was the pope that he demanded the song never be duplicated and that it only be sung in worship at the Sistine Chapel. If anyone dared copy “The Misere

Prayer for Redemption of Motives and Thoughts

This past Sunday I shared an entry from my prayer journal with the congregation while preaching the sermon “ Praying for Soul Strength .” Several people have made comments about it and so I have decided to post it so that anyone who chooses may have it and be able to reflect on it. I hope this entry is helpful to you in some way. ___________________ Dear Holy God, please make me a Holy man, not in action according to form, but in thoughts and motives. Bring the power of redemption through the cross of Christ and His resurrection deep within me, to the very essence of my person. May every thought be captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Cor. 10:5). As a pastor may I not be motivated by the approval of men, but help me to get a true sense of your will and purpose for me in your Kingdom. I want to do only what you want me to do. I realize my need for your blessing and favored hand in my life. I can do nothing without you, therefore I must be a holy man, a vessel fit to carry the

Sermon: Praying for Soul Strength

Our souls have become dry desert places void of the movements and workings of God within us. Many people attend church worship services and teaching but yet their life never really changes, why? Many people find church to be boring all together, why? The power of the Word of God has been reduced to mere Bible stories, why? We have grown accustomed to praying diligently for physical strength but have forgotten to pray for the strength of our very soul, as a result we are spiritually anemic. Here is a prayer Paul wrote, that you can pray, that will cause your soul to awaken and explode with life. Interesting Topics: Things prisoners think about Your mp3 cathedral Why Kenny Chesney is bad for dogs Listen to audio of “Praying for Soul Strength.”

A Hot Cup of Culture

Starbucks is a cultural phenomenon, especially here in the South, the Mecca of culture. The southern man owes much to Starbucks. It is the power of a cup. Without ever attending an opera, or an art gallery, or actually reading a book the southern man can proudly raise his Starbucks cup, the one with the trendy temperature sleeve, and suddenly the good ole boy is cultured. That cup of coffee imported from Seattle, described only in Italian, is nothing but a hot cup of culture. The cup can make a man wearing a Dale Earnhardt jacket suddenly look executive. Early in the morning, on his way to the lake, the southern man no longer swings by Hardee’s for a 99 cent biscuit; he now goes to Starbucks for a three dollar cup of coffee. And there, on a secluded lake, he sits in his bass boat with a hot cup of culture. In thirty-four years I had never tasted coffee, and so until recently I was still an opera credit away from being cultured. As cool as Starbucks people appeared, I could not break

Sermon: Thinking About Thanksgiving

David’s soul erupted as he thought about God and His work in David’s life. He was able to express to God how he felt Him. We have lost the ability to express our admiration of God, to give Him thanks because we are no longer in awe of Him, our souls have become dark places, and our hearts feel hopelessness. We need to regain our ability to think clearly about God and His work in our lives so that we may restore joy, praise and thanksgiving in the Church. Some topics discussed in this sermon: The View and your worldview Britney Spears in the news Why praising God and writing poetry is manly Why the people at RBC don’t dance Listen to audio of the sermon: Thinking About Thanksgiving

Seven 30 Sun

I was running in the seven 30 sun, Breathing in paces, Striding with rhythm. I came to rest beneath tall trees, Seeking to recover, Gazing at ground, My head hanging low. Staring downward there is nothing to see, The last jogger’s print, A cluster of grass, A dry leaf. There is so much we never see. When you are looking for nothing, it is easy to find. I looked up into the seven 30 sun. There was a cluster of oaks embracing light, forming a portal with a beam. A street, A barn, A bridge for a train, A hill whispering autumn, Each of them staggered and rising, Each of them being rescued from darkness by the seven 30 sun. A cathedral of yellow overcoming night grasping edges of The street, The barn, The bridge for a train, The hill whispering autumn. I continued to watch, Now with calm breaths, Each passing moment revealing more; The street enabling destiny, The barn becoming red, The bridge fading in mist, captured by the first breaths of morning from an awakening creek below, The

Sermon: Jesus Prays for You

Amazing things are happening in the lives of people – RIGHT NOW – because Jesus prayed for them 2000 years ago. This prayer is recorded in John 17. What is happening in your life that may be an answer to this prayer? Jesus has prayed an amazing prayer for you. Listen to the sermon “Jesus Prays for You.”

Sermon: Complaining to God

The prayer of complaint breaks every rule you have ever heard about prayer, but still God responds. It is prayer moved less by the Spirit and more by feelings. It is not worshipful, it is not necessarily spiritual, and it isn’t very theological. It is extremely personal, but still God responds. Complaint comes from the dark night of the soul when our faith cannot explain and our heart cannot accept what is happening in our lives. It is birthed in the moments when it seems like evil triumphs over good, when senseless tragedy is unrestrained, when healing is begged for but withheld. This intense sermon explores several prayers of complaint found in Scripture, the personal context behind them and the response of God to them. Listen to audio of the sermon “Complaining to God.”

Painting Shadows: A Reflection on Genesis 39:1-12

Read previous post in this series You cannot change the past. Changing the past is like painting shadows, it can’t be done. Hindsight is 20/20, but looking back while moving forward will get you killed. Sadly, that’s what most victims do; they look back almost compulsively while trying to move forward. Every future relationship is interpreted by the mistakes made in the field of regret . Someone made you feel cheap, now you are, and you give yourself to the lowest bidder. Someone you loved died senselessly. Now you live senselessly waiting to die. Someone broke your trust. Now you do not trust and choose to surround yourself with untrustworthy people. If your mind won’t release the pain, blast it with chemicals, dull the senses, escape reality. Now you are addicted to killing memories, painting shadows, and slowly destroying yourself. Just because something bad happened in your past does not give you an excuse to make a bad decision in the present. The field of regret does not defin

Sermon: The Prayer Meeting, Talking to God Together

We all need a group of people we can pray with. But we have all been to prayer meetings that lacked any real spiritual power. How can we become a part of a powerful prayer meeting that truly connects with God? How can we move from praying “around” one another to actually praying “with” one another? Being in a group in which everyone prays IS NOT necessarily a prayer meeting. In the prayer meeting of Acts 4 the believers “talked to God together” with one accord. How can we possibly get a group of people to pray about the same thing? Listen to audio of "The Prayer Meeting, Talking to God Together." Podcast available through iTunes.

Sermon: Praying for Forgiveness

Are you certain that when you pray for forgiveness that God answers your prayer? Do you find yourself asking for forgiveness for the same sins over and over again? If I ask God to just forgive me in general, does that cover it, or do I need to actually name my sins one by one? The prayer for forgiveness is a prayer we need to get right. In Luke 18 two men go to the Temple to pray. One man prays for forgiveness and leaves the Temple right with God. The other man prayed, but he was basically just talking to himself. This story, as well as three conversations with God from the Old Testament (Cain, Jeremiah, and Ezra), teach us about God’s attitude about our sin and how we should approach Him in asking for forgiveness. Listen to the sermon "Praying for Forgiveness." Also available through iTunes Podcast

Fields of Regret - A Reflection on Genesis 37:12-36

Read previous post in this series. The idea that a good God can use the evil of trauma as well as the trauma of evil, either one equally well, and make it work into something good is an irreconcilable thought. It is hard to understand why God would even choose to allow evil. If God is good, why doesn’t He intervene before we become victims? We are vulnerable. He is almighty. Joseph has a cool coat that shouts “boss’s kid.” I worked with a guy who was the boss’s son once. There is no need to bore you with the details of the experience. But if I could have sold him into slavery on the black market I probably would have. Maybe Joseph had it coming. Maybe I have issues. But the typical boss’s kid is naïve to the fact that all the other employees loathe his father’s favoritism. The boss’s kid thinks all the other guys love having lunch with him. What he doesn’t understand is that in their minds they are pricing him for the black market as they enjoy a sandwich. The boss’s kid doesn’t wor

Sermon: The Christ in Joseph - Joseph, Beautiful Victim Series (Conclusion)

Some people help us understand the Gospel by the way they respond to suffering. Joseph was one of those people. Unbeknownst to him, in the way he responded to the trauma of his life, he shared Christ with his long lost, abusive brothers. The suffering of the victim provided salvation for the villains. From the life of Joseph we learn that God can take the abuse and trauma of your life and use it to give you the greatest opportunity to share Christ with others, especially with those who may have contributed most to your suffering. Listen to sermon audio of “The Christ in Joseph.” This is the final sermon in the series. Also available through iTunes podcast.

The Seminary Football Team

After eleven years I have decided to go back to seminary. Eleven years ago I sat on an apple crate in the middle of an orchard praying about seminary. I was dealing with a call to a church. The church was in Tennessee, I was attending seminary in Louisville, Kentucky – tough commute. I felt like God was calling me to the church, so I finished the semester and left seminary in 1995. The next year I became pastor of the church God called me to when I was in the apple orchard. My time with those people was incredible. I will tell you about them some other time. God waited until I was very married, had two daughters who can ask terrific questions, way short on time, and I couldn’t afford it to tell me to go back to seminary. It seemed perfectly logical, so now, after a decade, I am back in seminary. Now I have something else in common with my seven year old, we’re both in school. I am attending the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary extension center here in the ‘ham. My daughter att

Sermon: Conviction - Joseph, Beautiful Victim Series

Whether it be the sin of long ago or a sin that has been going on for a long time, why can’t God just let it go? If it is something that has long since been forgotten or something that does not seem to be harming us or anyone else, then why deal with it? God has a way of taking seemingly harmless sin and making them hurt in our conscience. Conviction is the process by which God awakens our sin calloused soul and making the penalty and pain of sin become fresh in our mind. Joseph uses a series of circumstances to prod the conscience of his long lost brothers. After 20 years, sin forgotten becomes fresh in their conscience. Listen to sermon audio of "Conviction." Also available by iTunes podcast.

A Few Good Books You Might Want to Read

Here is a list of some books I have enjoyed over the past few months. This doesn't mean I agree with everything in them or with the people who wrote them. It just means they challenged me and I appreciate what they had to say. A Contrarian's Guide to Knowing God: Spirituality for the Rest of Us - Larry Osborne Soul Cravings - Erwin McManus The Barbarian Way - Erwin McManus (I read this one about 2 years ago, but had to mention it, awesome!) Eat This Book - A Conversation on the Art of Spiritual Reading - Eugene Peterson Prayer - Finding the Heart's True Home - Richard Foster Joseph - A Man of Integrity and Forgiveness - Charles Swindoll

Sermon: Your Next Good Day - Joseph, Beautiful Victim Series

When things are not working out it seems like time almost stands still. The Bible says that Joseph was in prison two “full” years.” Then in one day everything seems to come together. God is sovereign, working in the lives of many people in many places in space and time. You are a part of that plan. Einstein told us that time and space is relative. Your next good day may be closer than you think. Listen to sermon audio of "Your Next Good Day." Also available as an iTunes podcast.

Weird Epiphanies – A Reflection on Genesis 37:1-11

Read previous post in this series Dreams are visions in the night, abstract interpretations of the moods and events of our life. The band Counting Crows called them “films about ghosts.” [i] That’s about right. Dreams in the night are seldom understood, almost never become reality, are hard to remember, and they can be flat out weird. Everyone has dreams. It is the dreams of the day that truly awaken us, not from sleep, but from complacency. The idea that something good is possible, perhaps even near, is empowering. For a moment things make sense. You will never forget those dreams. We call them epiphanies. Joseph had two dreams, whether in the night or the day, whether awake or asleep we are not told. His dreams were as weird as the ones caused by pizza before bed. But as weird as they were, whether at night or in the day, they were meaningful and awakening. Joseph’s dreams were weird epiphanies. Joseph’s first dream was about sheaves of grain. He was in the field binding sheav

Sermon: Interpretation of Meaning – Joseph, Beautiful Victim Series

Life needs interpretation. Interpretation is needed when things do not make sense. Life does not make sense. There are way too many things that happen leaving us wondering, why? We crave meaning, interpretation. Interpretation belongs to God (Gen. 40:8). Listen to audio of: "Interpretation of Meaning" Subscribe in a reader

Sermon: Thinking Through Temptation - Joseph, Beautiful Victim Series

It is easy for our defining moment to become the trauma of our past. Whether it be a critical mistake we made or the pain of inflicted abuse by a loved one, that event becomes the reference point for the rest of our lives. As a result we may continue to make choices with our life that will only continually destroy us. Some people look for trust in untrustworthy people. Some feel worthless and therefore give themselves to anyone or anything. Some cannot cope with the pain and turn to chemical abuse as a way to dull the memory. For Joseph his defining moment was not the abuse of his past, but rather what he believed God was going to do with him. He refused to compromise his future. Our past does not give us a reason to make decisions in the present that will destroy our future. In the Gospel, God gives us hope for tomorrow. Listen to audio of "Thinking Through Temptation." Subscribe in a reader

Why Joseph Fled Temptation

This parody of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife may shed some light on why he chose to flee temptation. This video was used in the sermon "Thinking Through Temptation." Enjoy, or rather recover! Thanks Josh and Caleb.

Prelude for Beautiful Victims

Read Previous Article in Series The two words in adjacent ink do not have harmonious rhythm – “Beautiful Victim.” But their sound, though chaotic, is hopeful and promising. It is like the punishing tones of an aggressive concerto. The opening measures demand attention, awaken the audience, provoke curiosity. How could this possibly become beautiful? But it does. Movement by movement the pieces are pulled out, each tone given a forum to explain its theme, its purpose, its place in the score. And then another piece speaks, given its time, and placed perfectly back into arrangement. Each movement played by masters; each movement playing the emotions of those who listen. Near the end, a crescendo, a progression of moments in which the aggressive tones return, but this time less punishing and more triumphant. The same rhythms, the same tones now better understood and welcomed. But for now the words “Beautiful Victim” beg for explanation. How, why, for what purpose are they chosen? Will

Joseph, Beautiful Victim Series Explanation

I am preaching through a series right now at Ridgecrest ( ) entitled Joseph, Beautiful Victim. I will be posting and podcasting the audio as well as writing some entries to go along with the series. By nature of "blogging" the articles will actually be archived backwards, from the earliest entries to the latest entries. So, if you can figure out how to read the series in order, maybe you can get something out of it, which is actually the meaning of "making heads or tails" of something. As always my articles will be posted bi-frequently and semi-often. So please check back from time to time and follow along. I have also posted my blog to RSS through feedburner . I am not sure how it all works, but subscribing through a news reader may be the best way to go if you want to follow along as the story progresses. Subscribe in a reader

Fallacy of Religion # 3, You are Alone

Fallacy of religion: The people sitting around you don’t struggle nearly as much as you. Truth: You are not alone; it’s just that no one is talking. Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. - James 5:16 NLT

Sermon: Abused by Family - Joseph, Beautiful Victim Series

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his Son, so that his Son would be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters. Romans 8:28-29 New Living Translation People are led to believe that if there are two things that will destroy your life, two things that give a person a good excuse to be destructive and dysfunctional as adults. Those two things are being abused when you are young and being abused by your family. The Bible’s Joseph, whose story is told in Genesis, was abused when he was young, by his family. Yet God fulfilled His promise and made one of the most regrettable experiences of Joseph’s life work toward his good. God can take the most painful and regrettable experiences of our lives and give us happy endings. A message of hope to those who feel like their life was ruined. Listen to audio of the sermon


I forgot to quit. Its not that I didn ’t feel like quitting, I just didn ’t have time. Quitting is the easy way out. Nothing is ever easy. Quitters never win. I wanted to make it to the finish line to make sure that’s true. Most people quit too soon. I was late. There will be more opportunities to quit, but I have no more excuses. I forgot to quit. Give it a few days. Someone will remind me. I am not a good listener. "I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down. Why should the work cease while I leave it and go down to you?" (Nehemiah 6:3)

Eat Like Children

In the Bible, Paul said that when he grew up and became an adult, he put away childish things. I get the point; we all need to mature, but what about kid food? Kid food in Paul’s day was probably pretty bland. I haven’t done a whole lot of archeology to back it up, but think about the kid Andrew brought to Jesus. Jesus took a boy’s lunch of loaves and fish and fed thousands. If Jesus took my daughter’s lunch the multitude would have been fed with tiny slices of turkey and cheese from a Luncheable, an Oreo cookie, and would have washed it down with a juice box. It just seems like food is more fun now than in Bible times, and that we have forgotten how fun food can be. I have matured in my eating. The older you get it seems like you are really encouraged to eat fiber. Oak trees contain fiber. I know a lot of adults that as they get older they drink fiber supplements that smell like tree bark. But fiber is mature food, not very fun. The great thing about having children is that all the f

On Snake Handling

Some people believe that one way you can express your faith in God is by handling poisonous snakes. Some people worship God by handling snakes in church. We have a hard time with raising our hands and clapping on beat. Snakes would be way too distracting for our congregation. But some people can clap on beat, raise their hands, play the drums and handle snakes in worship. Snake handling people must be very coordinated, probably great dancers. Snake handling worship people believe if you get bit either you had sin in your life or that God is trying to send you a message. I think if you pick up a rattlesnake and get bit God is sending you a message. I think if you get bit by a snake at church God is sending you a message. God is telling you to put the snake down and never bring it back to church. From now on clapping on beat will be a sufficient expression of your faith. I’m not sure if it was a divine oracle, but for a couple of days this week a snake was living in our church

Building for Tragedy

I have learned that when it comes to building, I am a foolish man. That’s really not a stretch considering I can’t even build a birdhouse. I inherited my carpentry skills from my father. My dad told me that when he was in High School he was a member of the Future Farmers of America club. They told him to build a birdhouse, so he did. He said that the city of Chatsworth condemned it. He claims it’s a true story, which probably explains why he worked on computers for TVA and I never experienced what it is like to grow up on a farm. Since I am a foolish man when it comes to building, God sent three wise men into my life; the city building inspector, an architect, and a contractor. If you think it is expensive to go to the doctor you should get the three wise men together. Every time you get the three wise men together it runs you about six digits. At each and every meeting they add digits. When it’s all said and done the three wise men will give you plans for a nice birdhouse

Why God Created Donax Variabilis

Donax variabilis – that’s the scientific name for those little shiny clams that wash up on the beach and then immediately make “a dig for it.” We were in Destin last week and my daughters harvested about a hundred thousand of these things. As my girls dug into the sand chasing the little dudes they revealed villages, cities, nations of tiny clams living just below the surface – it was very Matrix like. As I watched the mayhem I wondered what could possibly be the point of such a tiny paranoid clam. And then it struck me as another mass of Donax variablilis hit the bottom of the sand buckets: God created paranoid clams because crabs (Callinectes sapidus) bite back!

A Teaspoon of Kerosene

My daughters basically hate the doctor, but they love medicine. Kids are germ sponges so we fill prescriptions several times a year. You give them your insurance card, a driver’s license, and then the pharmacist asks you, “What flavor would you like your amoxicillin ?” You can order your favorite antibiotic in a variety of delicious flavors, sort of like Dairy Queen. When I was a kid medicine came in one flavor, kerosene. The chalky stuff for your stomach tasted like kerosene, really thick kerosene. Antibiotics, they tasted like kerosene with a hint of turpentine. Any cream they prescribed for your skin smelled like skunk and burned like acid. Now creams smell like something from Bath and Body Works and help your baby sleep through the night. My dad was a firm believer in Vicks Vapo rub. I think by now they have outlawed the stuff, but my dad believed it “would clear you up”, meaning your sinuses. He was right; it cleared you up, a nice chemical vapor blast of radiation r

Be Careful What You Preach

I’ve been preaching through the Sermon on the Mount. Two weeks ago I preached from the passage where Jesus says: "Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal." (Matthew 6:19-20) Last weekend, someone stole our church van. Last Sunday I preached from the passage where Jesus says: "And why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, 'Let me remove the speck from your eye'; and look, a plank is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye." (Matthew 7:3-5) Today I took my daughter to the doctor; she has pink eye. I think I’m going to put off preaching on death for aw

Learning to Dance

2 Samuel 6:14 says that “David danced before the LORD with all his might.” If David were a Baptist the Bible would have said he made a casserole before the Lord. If David were Baptist he would not have danced. I can’t dance. But that’s O.K. because I’m Baptist. Being Baptist takes some of the pressure off people who can’t dance. Baptists are not much for dancing. I have never read the official doctrinal position on dancing, but from everything I have heard said about dancing through the years, I’m pretty sure we’re against it. Honestly, it is not hard being against something you can’t do. Calling your lack of talent sin can actually work to your advantage. I have always hated the people who put pressure on you to dance. In High School I enjoyed going to dances and standing, just standing. I was awesome at standing while everyone else danced. As long as I was standing “at” a dance I felt cool. But someone would always destroy my cool standing by putting pressure on me to

The Reason God Created Sand

In honor of summer, and our upcoming vacation, my first installment of "The Reason God Created Stuff" will be a reflection on the purpose of sand! Why God created sand - because digging in dirt with plastic shovels is just way too hard.

The Reason God Created Stuff

I love science, especially creation science. Finding design and purpose in everything from astronomy to biology; from the atom to the eye is an adventure in worship. So in doing this, I'm not trying to be trite; I can be deep, but too much depth gives me a headache. But I am learning to see things differently, through the eyes of my daughters. They can pick up something I have known and used for years and instantly invent a new purpose for it. A way, probably not the right way, but nevertheless a new way to use an old underappreciated something. Children are truly "out of the box" thinkers. Children view creation "out of the box." And so, today I launch a new topic "The Reasons God Created Stuff." I will add an instalment from time to time - trying to capture the simple childlike appreciation for God's "stuff." Hopefully sharing some great pictures along the way. Nothing scientific, but hopefully just as much an adventure in wo

Hip Hop Wagon Safely Back in the Pen

Well, apparently the hip hop bandit can’t drive. At least he has a tough time driving massive vans. He backed into a lady’s brick mailbox – the van won. Soon thereafter he must have jumped a curb – the curb won. The curb destroyed the front tire, hence the end of the Hip Hop Wagon. You would think after driving around all night he would have become more proficient at handling a passenger van. One thing I know, he can handle a radio. Maybe next time he’ll buy his own.

Hip Hop and Ketchup in a Church Van

Somebody stole our church van. I have no idea why you would want to steal a huge fifteen passenger van with church logos all over it, but maybe “church van” is the next big thing in trickin’ your truck. Now instead of SUV’s with huge rims people will be going for the customized church van look. Instead of a set of massive woofers in the rear of your Suburban, why not “trick” it with another three rows of seats and a Bible verse? A lady called the church this morning to complain that one of our workers was out last night at 10:30 driving around the neighborhood blasting hip hop music. She was really angry. She told our Sunday School director that playing hip hop music was not a good way to do ministry and she hung up the phone. Well, the hip hop ministry is working for TobyMac, but no matter how you cut it, it’s not very cool in a fifteen passenger wagon. But whoever this guy is, you’ve got to love the fact that he’s somehow figured out a way to thump the woofers on a church van. My o