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Convinced and Convicted by the Love of God (Session 2)

1 Thessalonians 1:3-4 (Session 2) Many men come to a turning point in life in which they realize something is missing and they are searching for meaning. These men may have plenty of money and have accomplished enough goals but find that even still, something is missing. Some men have made a mess of things. Maybe the marriage is shaky. Perhaps they are suffering the consequences of poor choices. Whatever the reason, they know that something needs to change. Either path brings men to a similar point. These men get involved in church. They sense that they need to do something for God. Initially they find the experience refreshing and fulfilling. It’s a welcome change. But be careful if this describes you, because there is a danger of eventually flaming out. Through my years of ministry I’ve seen men excited and energetic about the Lord as they involve themselves in church only to end up as empty as they were before they started.   Why does this happen?   The basis of faith is important.

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