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Cast Out Kakia, 1 Peter 2:1

  Kakia can turn great churches into disgusting places. People who were once growing together can be ripped apart. When you see her coming in, CAST HER OUT! Watch out for Kakia!

Get Your Mind Ready for Suffering, 1 Peter 1:13-25

  The United States Army equips soldiers with elite weapons and high-tech body armor so that they can strike and survive.  While kevlar is helpful against enemy rounds, the US military began to realize that they were not investing enough in protecting and arming the soldier’s mind. As one of the researchers at Walter Reed Medical Center described it, “We can’t keep sending bodies where we haven’t prepared their minds to go.” And so a program called Battlemind was developed. The purpose of the program is to teach soldiers “how to face fear and adversity in combat with courage.” Battlemind helps a soldier navigate the stress and trauma of battle with resiliency. You and I will face adversity. We will go through what the Peter calls “various trials.” We will suffer in this life. It is unavoidable and there are no exemptions. What if you could know that whatever comes your way that you are spiritually and mentally ready to face the stress of it with courage and resiliency?  What if you cou