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Dear Pastor, Be Careful if Your Wife Can Sing!!!

I guess I need to find other illustrations!!

Bringing Your Baby to Jesus (Originally Published May 2, 2006)

I had no problem teaching her how to blow bubbles in her milk through a straw, or how to perfectly dip a double stuffed Oreo; but when it came to teaching her about salvation, I was totally intimidated. What if I get it wrong? What if I make her think she is saved when she really isn’t? Will she remember her decision when she is older? How do I know she is not just telling me what I want to hear? What if she wants to be baptized just because she has seen other kids being baptized? How do I know when she is ready? Is she ready? Probably the best question is, am I ready? If you are a parent you have probably experienced this same anxiety when it came to helping your child understand the gospel. So what do you do? Here is what I have learned about being a parent and sharing your faith with your child. 1) Stories - Kids love stories, all kinds of stories, especially Bible stories. The more magical and fanciful they are, the more children love stories. Not to say that the Bible is a fairy