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The Last Days of B.C.

I am beginning a new series of sermons tonight at Ridgecrest, The Last Days of B.C. This series will tell the story behind the Christmas narrative. What was the world like when Jesus was born? Who is Augustus Caesar (Luke 2:1)? What is a Messiah? When Jesus became an adult, why did he have so many disputes with the Pharisees? Where did the Pharisees come from? Surprisingly it is all in the back story of Christmas. I offer you a teaser. Here is a quote from the gospel, “by sending in him a savior for us and those who come after us, to make war cease, to create order everywhere . . .; the birthday of god was the beginning of the world of the glad tidings that have come to men though him.” Doesn’t that sound Christmassy, sort of Handel’s Messiah-ish? Well, it is a gospel quote, but it is not the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is not from the Bible and it has nothing to do with Christmas. Where did it come from? You may be surprised to find out – but I promise you that if you k

Redeemed, but Ridiculous (The Shepherd Chronicles)

It has been awhile since I have written anything due to my workload both at church and at school over the past month or so. When I left off I was talking about my confrontation with a person I refer to as “ the gatekeeper .” He was the guardian of tradition at Lantana Road Baptist Church and because I had not purchased VBS material from the associational store, my wife was baptized in an independent baptist church, I graduated from Tennessee Temple University, I failed to use a Tennessee Baptist evangelist for simultaneous revivals, and I had taken our students to a non-SBC sanctioned youth conference he was convinced I had an agenda to pull LRBC from the Southern Baptist Convention. The whole thing was petty and ridiculous. After several months of verbal banter and a steady defense of my intentions, it was evident that the gatekeeper and I would not see eye to eye. My final meeting with him was a monthly deacon’s meeting. I knew he had already resolved to leave the church bec

Glo Bible (Another Great Pastor App)

Since it is Cyber Monday I must call attention to a great app for your PC, MAC, or iPad – Glo Bible. A few weeks ago our youth pastor, Caleb, introduced me to Glo Bible on his iPad. I was immediately impressed. Glo Bible is unlike any Bible application I have ever used; and I have used quite a few dating back to GodSpeed back in the early ‘90’s. My copy of GodSpeed used 3 3.5 inch floppy disks, so you had to insert the right one to perform certain searches. It reminds me of Tripp and Tyler’s iBible video (could do without the bleep out humor). We’ve come a long way baby! Glo Bible is the first Bible app I have seen that integrates images, videos, timelines, maps, and articles into the text. The interface is attractive and easy to use. There is no way I can describe it to you, you must see it for yourself to truly appreciate. Unlike most Bible applications it requires 0 knowledge of “search” lingo. You simply click on the passage and all related content is immediately ava

A Testimony from John Cane

Between the Hedges