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A Letter From the Field

I received this message by email early this morning.  It is from a family serving Christ in Africa that we have been communicating with for many years.  It is easy for us to lose perspective on exactly what the gospel costs.  These updates help to keep me grounded and to also expand my vision of God's greater Kingdom in the world.  Thanks K. for sharing.  We are praying for all of you. __________________________ I have been talking with colleagues and personnel sent out by other organizations that serve here and we are all feeling it.  Though we have toiled long and hard, the fruit of our labor has shown itself to be very little.  But, we have a sense, given by the Spirit, that a movement is coming.  At the same time,  there is a heaviness of the dark cloud of persecution that overshadows us.  It hasn’t been an issue before, because we haven’t yet caused a major stir with our Message and the good things we do are pleasing.  But, once an Acts 2:41 type movement happens, we W

Missing the Tree (Genesis 3 in Meta-Narrative)

It is no secret, I have a chemical addiction.  I take fish oil for inflammation.  I take CoQ10 for . . .well, honestly I have no idea why I take it.  I wash my hair with an expensive shampoo called Nioxin that is supposed to keep your hair from falling out.  I use a facial moisturizer in the mornings with an SPF of 30 because the sun makes my rosacea flare up.  I take some sort of famotadine tablet every morning or everything I eat makes me miserable.  In the past I have had a prescription for a statin drug to reduce my cholesterol . . .which reminds me of why I take CoQ10.  If I don't take cholesterol medicine I may die from a heart attack.  If I don't take CoQ10 I may die from cholesterol medicine. Before we lost the garden all we had to take to keep us alive was the fruit God offered us on the Tree of Life.  I indicated in my previous post that I'm not sure how it worked, whether we exported it or if we were able to root it in other places on the planet, but it was