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A Hot Cup of Culture

Starbucks is a cultural phenomenon, especially here in the South, the Mecca of culture. The southern man owes much to Starbucks. It is the power of a cup. Without ever attending an opera, or an art gallery, or actually reading a book the southern man can proudly raise his Starbucks cup, the one with the trendy temperature sleeve, and suddenly the good ole boy is cultured. That cup of coffee imported from Seattle, described only in Italian, is nothing but a hot cup of culture. The cup can make a man wearing a Dale Earnhardt jacket suddenly look executive. Early in the morning, on his way to the lake, the southern man no longer swings by Hardee’s for a 99 cent biscuit; he now goes to Starbucks for a three dollar cup of coffee. And there, on a secluded lake, he sits in his bass boat with a hot cup of culture. In thirty-four years I had never tasted coffee, and so until recently I was still an opera credit away from being cultured. As cool as Starbucks people appeared, I could not break

Sermon: Thinking About Thanksgiving

David’s soul erupted as he thought about God and His work in David’s life. He was able to express to God how he felt Him. We have lost the ability to express our admiration of God, to give Him thanks because we are no longer in awe of Him, our souls have become dark places, and our hearts feel hopelessness. We need to regain our ability to think clearly about God and His work in our lives so that we may restore joy, praise and thanksgiving in the Church. Some topics discussed in this sermon: The View and your worldview Britney Spears in the news Why praising God and writing poetry is manly Why the people at RBC don’t dance Listen to audio of the sermon: Thinking About Thanksgiving

Seven 30 Sun

I was running in the seven 30 sun, Breathing in paces, Striding with rhythm. I came to rest beneath tall trees, Seeking to recover, Gazing at ground, My head hanging low. Staring downward there is nothing to see, The last jogger’s print, A cluster of grass, A dry leaf. There is so much we never see. When you are looking for nothing, it is easy to find. I looked up into the seven 30 sun. There was a cluster of oaks embracing light, forming a portal with a beam. A street, A barn, A bridge for a train, A hill whispering autumn, Each of them staggered and rising, Each of them being rescued from darkness by the seven 30 sun. A cathedral of yellow overcoming night grasping edges of The street, The barn, The bridge for a train, The hill whispering autumn. I continued to watch, Now with calm breaths, Each passing moment revealing more; The street enabling destiny, The barn becoming red, The bridge fading in mist, captured by the first breaths of morning from an awakening creek below, The

Sermon: Jesus Prays for You

Amazing things are happening in the lives of people – RIGHT NOW – because Jesus prayed for them 2000 years ago. This prayer is recorded in John 17. What is happening in your life that may be an answer to this prayer? Jesus has prayed an amazing prayer for you. Listen to the sermon “Jesus Prays for You.”

Sermon: Complaining to God

The prayer of complaint breaks every rule you have ever heard about prayer, but still God responds. It is prayer moved less by the Spirit and more by feelings. It is not worshipful, it is not necessarily spiritual, and it isn’t very theological. It is extremely personal, but still God responds. Complaint comes from the dark night of the soul when our faith cannot explain and our heart cannot accept what is happening in our lives. It is birthed in the moments when it seems like evil triumphs over good, when senseless tragedy is unrestrained, when healing is begged for but withheld. This intense sermon explores several prayers of complaint found in Scripture, the personal context behind them and the response of God to them. Listen to audio of the sermon “Complaining to God.”