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Please Don't Let Go, We Need You

It was a red flag day in Panama City Beach, FL. Despite the warnings, a group of swimmers waded out into the water, and it was not long before they were swept away in a riptide.  As they walked along the beach, a couple realized what was happening, so they quickly called people together to get involved in the rescue .  In only a few moments, about 40 people linked arms and formed a human chain that stretched out 70 yards from shore. Despite the danger the rescue posed to themselves, the heroic volunteers risked their lives and safely pulled all seven swimmers back to shore. That's an incredible story, but let's rerun the scenario and interject a few "what if's" into the equation.  What if one of the 40 rescuers had decided to let go?  Had they done so, not only would the endangered swimmers have been lost to the riptide, but many of the rescuers would have as well.  For the rescue to be successful, every person mattered. The feet on the shore were just as importan