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Why You? Why Easter?

Even though I am posting this on my blog I want to make a local, personal appeal to those of you who are within driving distance of North Murray High School in Chatsworth, GA.  If you can get there by 10:00 a.m. Easter Sunday morning - get there.  Why? You may be thinking, yep, another big, over-hyped Easter church service.  I will go and hear the same sermon about the same thing that I have heard at every Easter service I have ever attended. Not this Easter. The resurrection is important and we will talk about it, but unless it answers your most serious questions, what’s the point?   Have you ever cried out to God over and over again and it seems all you get is silence?  Me too.  On Easter Sunday morning - THIS is the sort of stuff we will begin to talk about. Why do children who are being abused cry out to God for help, but the monster just keeps coming in?  Why do the people we need most in our lives get sick and die while it seems that evil people live long and conti