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Living in the Light

I walked into our closet and flipped the switch. Instead of light, I got a blue flash followed by a hollow pop sound. Blown bulb. I went to our utility closet and retrieved a new bulb, but I discovered another problem as I opened the light fixture. There was not one blown bulb, but three. After replacing all three bulbs, I was amazed at how much light was in our closet. Compared to the way it was before that final blown bulb, it was like standing in a tanning bed. It made me wonder, how long had we been walking into that closet to the light of only one bulb Replacing all three made me realize how it was supposed to be. It explains why I would grab a shirt, ask my wife if it matched my pants, and she would say, "I don't know, bring it out here (by the window), so I can see it better." The closet wasn't in darkness, but it was in "dimness." You can't get it right if there is not enough light. So let's propose now this scenario in a strange twist. What