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Does God Own a Gun? (This Sunday at Liberty)

America is a divided nation.  We are divided ideologically (left and right), politically (Democrat and Republican), socially (conservative and liberal), and morally (traditional values or choice).  Our image of God is not immune from the debate.  We are also theologically divided.  Depending on where one falls in the spectrum, he is prone to bring God with him.  On the more conservative end of the spectrum God is a Tea Partying member of the NRA who votes straight ticket Republican and created the world so we could hunt and fish.  On the more liberal end of the spectrum God created the world so we should keep it green; and He sent His only begotten Son into the world to challenge tradition, reform health care, redistribute wealth, and demilitarize the nation.  His plan was called the Sermon on the Mount.  Who is right?  We will talk about these issues and more in the sermon, “Does God Own a Gun?”  Join us at Liberty Baptist Church ( for Freedom Sunday

Where I Am on Where We Are in the SBC

Last week I attended what many consider to be a historic meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention.  A few people have asked me, and I emphasize, only a few, where I am on the convention?  For what its worth, this is where I am on where we are: On the election of Fred Luter as President of the SBC. Much has been made of the election of Fred Luter as President of the SBC and rightfully so.  He is our convention’s first African American President.  No matter what he does, this is what he will forever be.  This is significant given that a catalyst for the formation of the SBC was the issue of slavery.  Because men who owned slaves would not be considered for appointment as missionaries, the SBC was formed.  The convention was designated “Southern” in geography and cultural ideology.  Any decent Baptist history book will tell you this story. The first anything is certainly a milestone moment.  Dr. Luter’s election was something special of which I will always be grateful to have bee

Shadows (the I AM series)

Shadows from Brian Branam on Vimeo .

The Passages Exhibit

We had an opportunity to go to the Passages exhibit ( ) yesterday in Atlanta and it was fantastic.  The exhibit closes at the end of June so if there is any way possible for you to make time to go, do so.  I highly recommend it.   Passages traces the development of the English Bible and is one of the largest collections of Biblical antiquities in the world.  As a Bible student I was enthralled with every case as I was finally seeing artifacts I have only read about for years.  If you have no prior knowledge of the Bible’s development, no worries.  Each person entering is given an iPod with over 8 hours of commentary.  You will learn!  The display cases and rooms have several corresponding codes that when entered into the iPod, plays about 3-5 minutes of audio which will tell you all about what you are seeing.  For children, the staff gives them a special code that corresponds to a scavenger hunt that will keep them interested.  For all the phobi

Shared Paths

I am sharing with you a series of posts focused on teaching.  When it comes to teaching in the church, we cannot continue as we are.  Teachers are the tongues of the church .  Even though they comprise a small part of the congregation, relative to the number of students, what they say and teach carries a great deal of weight within the congregation.  So how do we improve our teaching?  The answer is time, tools, and training .   In the last couple of posts I have been on the topic of tools for teaching, particularly the use of curriculum.  In my last post I mentioned that too often curriculum has become the most misused tool for teaching in the church.  Curriculum is a guide for teaching, it was not meant to replace our teaching.  Ultimately, curriculum is another person’s experience with the Biblical text, which is profitable, but it is an experience that cannot take the place of our own if we are to be effective teachers. I left off in my last post with the following que

Choosing Jacob