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Exegesis; its what preachers do.  It means to pull meaning out of a text, to interpret it.  My grandmother was great at it.  She had an elementary school education but she was the greatest theologian I ever knew.  She could make a Bible story three dimensional.  When she talked Bible you could hear Scripture breathe.  Exegesis is about recognizing the life that lives on pages filled with ink.  It is about giving stories legs, feeling colors in poems, and hearing dead prophets speak. I love exegesis.  I am a privileged man in that a great deal of my time is spent in the ink of exegesis; surrounded by books listening to Scripture breathe.  I do for a living what my grandmother did with her life.  There is nothing like that “aha” moment when you finally get it, when after three days pages become three dimensional and walk into the room.  The Bible is alive. But there is exegesis of another sort.  There are times in which God turns people into pages and writes all over them.  These a

Review of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray - A Commentary on Conscience

I think I had a renaissance at thirty. . .I think.  For some reason I suddenly became interested in art, reading and more thoughtful forms of music.  I became more serious about developing my writing skills, about becoming a better public speaker, about becoming a deeper man.  I can blame my renaissance for not only killing my online XBOX NCAA football career but also for going back to seminary.  Seminary killed the video star (only those of us who watched “Night Tracks” and MTV back in the eighties can really appreciate that line). My renaissance has also caused me to revisit all the books I was supposed to read in Junior High and High School but never actually did.  Over the last few months I have begun to explore some readings from all the classic literature I once considered about as interesting as a dead bug.  I now realize what I have missed and regret the wasted time.  Vocationally I relegated my reading to only Christian stuff, the ultra expensive shelves at Lifeway kind of