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Anxiety (notes for Wed. 9/28/2011)

Sermon Series: One Sermon Title: Anxiety Date: 9/28/11 Sources Used : Gary R. Collins, Christian Counseling 3 rd ed . Jay E. Adams, The Christian Counselors Manual, The Practice of Nouthetic Counseling Definition: Anxiety is an inner feeling of apprehension, uneasiness, worry, and or dread that is accompanies by a heightened physical arousal (Collins). · May cause physical changes such as rapid heart beat, feeling jumpy, or faint. · May be due to a specific impending danger, or a feeling of impending danger whether founded or unfounded. Whether or not the danger is real, the feeling of anxiety is real. · Anxiety appears in all age groups from the elderly to small children. Types of Anxiety: 1. Normal – comes to everyone at times, especially when there is a threat of danger. In this case anxiety is proportional to the danger. 2. Neurotic – involves intense exaggerated feelings of helplessness and dread even when the danger is mild or nonexistent. “Many counselors

New Photos/Construction Updates

We are currently working on a new educational wing with preschool, children's, and adult classrooms and spaces.  If you haven't visited the photo gallery lately, lots of new pictures have been added over the last few weeks.  We have moved way past busting up concrete and into framing.  Access the photo gallery at: The pic above is the framing for the indoor soft play area in the preschool portion.  Below is a rendering of the space.

Arguments vs. Debates

Here is an excerpt from my sermon manuscript concerning the nature of the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15 and an observation of the state of the modern American church.  The way we have descended into uncivilized argument rather than spirited debate is symptomatic of what we have become.  We have sacrificed community for individualism.  At least that's what I think :)!  "The Bible does not specify how long the council met, it says only that there was "much debate (Acts 15:7)."   As unnerving as debate may be to many, it is not unhealthy for the church to engage in debate.   Certainly debate can be unhealthy when its goal is to criticize rather than inform, when it is aimed to divide rather than contend, when it focuses on personalities instead of problems.   In the first century culture, thanks to the Greeks, debate was a way of life and it was borderline entertainment.   It was charged, but it was civil.   The American church, taking cues from pop culture has drunk

Depression (notes for Wed. 9/21/2011)

Sermon Series:   One Sermon Title:  Depression Date:  9/21/11 Sources Used: Gary R. Collins, Christian Counseling 3d ed. Jay e. Adams, The Christian Counselor’s Manual, The Practice of Nouthetic Counseling Intro: ·          The issue of depression has been documented historically for over 3,000 years ·          Great people and leaders have experienced depression, such as: Winston Churchill, Edgar Allen Poe, Napoleon, Charles Hadden Spurgeon ·          It is the common cold of mental disorders ·          It is by far our most common mental issue The signs of depression can be grouped into four categories: Feelings - sadness, self criticism, guilt, shame, worthlessness, helplessness, pessimism, hopelessness, irritibility, loss of temper Thinking - in their minds they focus on their own incompetence or lack of worth.  Difficult to concentrate, self criticsm, and self condemnation. Behavior - apathy, lack of motivation, can't face decisions,

Notes from Wed. Sept 14 - The Sin Nature ("One" Series)

Here is a rough cut of the notes from last night's message.  This should help those who wanted the verse list.  I will provide handouts for next week's message. The Sin Nature (9/14/2011)

We Need More Dawgs!!!



Tradition is a good way to pass along meaningful aspects of the faith from one generation to the next. Tradition is bad way to build idols out of things that in the end don’t matter. Tradition is a pastor killer. Sometimes tradition is as plain to see as Goliath. It is 9 feet tall and dares you to fight him. Some pastors give it a shot. Unfortunately these brave souls do not enjoy the fate of David and they are crushed in a very short time. For others tradition is a stealth assassin. The shepherd is completely unaware of its existence and unwittingly provokes it to anger. I fell into the latter category. I had angered tradition and he was about to come out of the closet. Strike one came with a phone call from a well known Tennessee Evangelist. The churches of the Cumberland County Association had committed to simultaneous revivals. I knew that much, but no one told me that the Association had a deal with the collective of the TBC Evangelists. Each of them cleared that particular we

360 Construction Update #2

Steel construction began this week.  We should be ready for the concrete on the second level to be poured mid-next week.  <br>d

The Preacher's Wife

As we entered the summer of my first year at Lantana Road there were many promising first fruits of growth and new life in the church. We had raised enough money to take our youth group to Charlotte, back to Shannon’s home church, for a youth conference. Several of the kids with us had barely travelled outside Cumberland County. Going to North Carolina was a big deal. Several of the kids were not Christians. Getting away from the distractions of home and hearing the gospel boldly proclaimed was an even bigger deal. From experience I knew that a core of youth ignited for Christ could spark revival in the church. Shannon had just begun working at Rockwell Automation so she was not able to go. Going from college student to pastor’s wife in an unfamiliar area had its challenges. I would say Shannon has only really been homesick once during our 15 years of marriage and the summer of ’97 was it. Her not being able to go with us back to her home church and instead being alone for a week ba

Construction Update


“Behold the dwelling place of God is with man.   He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God.   He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”   Rev. 21:3-4 A lot of people have the idea that the experience of church should be close, if not identical to Rev. 21:3-4.   They believe the church is a gathering of ideal people who sing Jesus songs, treat each other perfectly, and stay happy all the time.   Well it’s not.   We have a long way to go before Rev. 21.   Many people go to church for six weeks and think, “This is great.”   Yet it will not be long until they realize that the church is good, but it is not yet great.   As a matter of fact the church, in its current state, is less than ideal.   The misguided reaction to the difficult mess that is called the church is to quit.   Some take their di