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Men are Giving Up

According to Forbes, 10 million men between ages 25 and 64 have dropped out of the American work force . They have quit their jobs and are no longer looking. Men are giving up on work. Numerous articles and studies show that American men are giving up on marriage. The number of men leaving their marriages in their 50's is soaring . The number of young men who are not even considering marriage is staggering. With so many men giving up on marriage it seems that the traditional American family is about to breathe its last breath. At an alarming rate, men are giving up on life. Since 2000 the suicide rate amongst men has been steadily climbing from 17.7 men per 100,000 to 21.4 men per 100,000. The suicide rate amongst white males aged 35 to 64 increased 40% between 1999 and 2010. There may be numerous contributing factors to the loss of so many men; stress, fear, failure. Whatever the reason, every man has his low points. What if those low points could become turning points?

The Release of Pulse

My latest book, Pulse , was released TODAY! Men are giving up on marriage, parenting, and work. At a staggering rate, men are giving up on life. Pulse is an examination of David whom the Bible calls "a man after God's own heart." David was royal, but awful. He was raw, but redeemed. David was a success and a failure. David's heart and life were constantly out of rhythm, but His pursuit of God would bring him back again and again. Pulse is a walk through David's story written in a way that will resonate with men. Using examples from sports and drawing practical applications to life, Pulse encourages men not to lose heart and shows them some simple choices they can make to get life back into rhythm. To purchase Pulse , visit my online bookstore here.  Printed copies are not due to arrive until Nov. 19 - 21. Once they arrive I will ship it to you. Copies will be available at Liberty Baptist Church beginning Sunday, Dec. 2. Pulse  contains discussion que