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Robbing Grandma

This lady reminds me so much of my grandma. Full of practical faith!

17 Blah

For my seventeen fans in the world I would like to submit one of those totally useless blogs that deranged people write as if someone is actually entertained by what they are doing today. However, I have found that the deranged people who write about their day have more than seventeen subscribers – maybe my soup needs to become a little more useless. But I am writing this to let the seventeen of you know that the articles may come somewhat slow and be somewhat short over the next couple of weeks as I work on a couple of heavy projects. However, once these projects come to a head you will see a whole bunch of “blah” come online all at one time - hopefully. One thing I am working on is completing some entries from my recent “Cryin’ Out Loud Series.” This is a series of sermons I preached on the things Jesus said from the cross. I am trying to condense the material so you can read it in one sitting and not fall asleep. If you would like, check out the audio blog

Audio Blog

I will no longer post audio on this blog, which also means the "Feel My Faith" podcast on iTunes will soon close. However, I have opened an audio blog connected to our Ridgecrest Baptist Church site that will be much more efficient in handling audio entries. Also, I have opened a new iTunes podcast connected to the new audio blog. You can access the content with the following links: Ridgecrest Audio blog New Podcast Link

Page 125

He simply breathed, al all of us do, the toxic cultural air of a disenchanted world in which the mark of sophistication is to reduce wonder to banality. Even more, the acids of intellectual urbanity turn sacrifice into delusion, generosity into greed, and love into self-aggrandizement. In academic circles, this is called “the hermeneutics of suspicion,” meaning that things are interpreted to reveal that they are not in fact what they appear to be. At least things that seem to suggest the true, the beautiful and the good are not what they appear to be. They must be exposed and debunked if we are to get to “the truth of the matter.” The false, the self-serving, the ugly and the evil, on the other hand are permitted to stand as revealing “the real world.” Reverence is vulgar; irreverence is chic. An Excerpt from Death on a Friday Afternoon by Richard John Neuhaus, Basic Books, 2000.

Audio: “Is There Life After Death? “Cryin’ Out Loud”, seven things Jesus said that you’ve always wanted to know.

Is there life after death? How can we possibly know for sure? Listen to audio of: “Is There Life After Death?”

The Return of Sasquatch, Prescription Rain, and Other Problems With "Climate Change"

I understand that some of our SBC leaders are going beyond being environmentally conscious and are now concerned with “climate change” which is code for “global warming.” I believe a person can be a steward of the environment without riding the “climate change” bandwagon. I believe man has a responsibility to be a caregiver for God’s creation, but I am not sold on the idea that we are to blame for global temperature fluctuation. I am not sold on the idea that you can be a proper environmentalist and not believe in God. I am not sold on the idea that you can’t be an environmentalist if you don’t believe in global warming. At this point there seems to be too long of a money trail, too much politics, too much emotion, and not enough objective science to form proper conclusions about “code climate change.” But since our SBC Doctor Presidents have become impassioned over environmental concerns expressed in a seminary paper, I too would like to submit a few of my concerns for consideration:

What is Wrong With Us? Part 1 of a series of reflections on Jesus' words from the cross.

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” Luke 23:34 “They know not what they do.” Were they ignorant or are we to believe Jesus was naïve? Is it honest to say about such a deliberate act as the crucifixion that those involved did not know their role? On Saturday I was awakened by a tiny kiss. My wife had gone out for breakfast; I was practicing second sleep [i] . During Saturday second sleep I am almost comatose; it is as close to a near death experience as I will probably ever get . . . but I felt the tiny kiss. I opened my eyes only to find that my vision was filled by the round smiling face of my youngest daughter. She then turned, walked out of the room and closed the door behind her, the smile never fading, almost Mona Lisa in nature, serving only to raise suspicion, to stimulate thought. I did not think how pleasant it was to be awakened by a tiny kiss. I did not think of how loving my little girl is. My first thought of the day was that I had been betrayed by

Audio: What is Wrong With Us? “Cryin’ Out Loud”, seven things Jesus said that you've always wanted to know.

Something has gone horribly wrong. We stand in the world like a child who has just broken the cookie jar. We may not be sure what is about to happen, but we know it is bad. Jesus’ first statement from the cross was, “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.” Were the people crucifying Jesus truly ignorant of their actions, or was Jesus simply naïve? If the gospel is personified in a moment it is this one; the bloodied Son interceding with the Father on behalf of sinners. Listen to audio of: What is Wrong With Us?