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The Power and Peril of Habit (Sermon Audio)

This really ________________!

The lead story in the south is the gridlock in Atlanta and Birmingham caused by a sudden burst of snow.  The whole thing was strange in that it didn't look like much.  We've had worse.  It was nothing more than a dusting compared to some snows we have had in the past, but it has caused havoc.  As a result there have been a myriad of human interest stories as people slept in their cars on the interstate, enduring single digit temps.  Moms and dads walked miles to schools to be with their children who were trapped in the building for the night.  There was even a baby born on I-285.  Apparently something decent and kind can come from 285. The snowcalypse of 2014 was a welcomed day off to some, an inconvenience for others, and a near tragedy for many.  However you estimate it, none of us are immune to disruption, stress and an unwelcome surprise along the way.  Complete the following statement, I want you to know, that what has happened to me has really ______________________

When the Preacher Says Something You Don't Like

If you go to church long enough the preacher will eventually say something you don't like.  How should you react?  Take your pick of any number of Biblical reactions. Threaten him with a sword (1 Kings 19:1-3).   It made Elijah cry.  But if he is half as hard-hearted and hard headed as you suspect swords may not shut the fool up.  So, if that doesn't work, Beat him up (Jer. 37:15).  Some preachers don't know when to quit.  So if he keeps meddling, there is another option, Drop him in a muddy hole (Jer. 38:6-13).  But you are too lazy to dig a muddy hole.  I hate high maintenance people.  Here is a more New Testament approach, Off with his head (Mark 6:21-29).  Certainly a more messy approach.  If you don't like the sight of blood, I have a more humane suggestion, Lions.  Feed the joker to the lions (Daniel 6).  But you forgot to renew your zoo pass, darn, how about this one, Stone him (Acts 7).  Perhaps you not as skilled as David with a stone.  So if you are a

The Power and Peril of Habit

If you were at Liberty this morning, I know I gave you a lot of information in a hurry.  Here is a copy of the material with everything filled in. The Power and Peril of Habit document

Getting God's Help (The Resolved Series)

Introduction to Philippians

An Introduction to Philippians Worthy of the Gospel When we first engage a book of the Bible it is important to spend some time in background study.  A good background study will involve at least two aspects (all of which and more can be found in most Bible commentaries): 1)     Context - The profit of studying context is that it helps us interpret the text rightly.  The Bible never means what it never meant (Fee and Stuart - How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth ).  Studying context also helps us to not exempt ourselves from the demands of the text.  Most would think that such study would alienate us from the text and that we would indeed find reasons to exempt ourselves.  The Bible is old and culturally distant, but it is eternally relevant and so the very opposite of what we would expect takes place.  A thorough background study will actually bring the reader more closely to the Bible's originally recipients.  Good study builds sympathy not distance.  We find ourselves mo