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Sermon: Epiphany

An epiphany is when you understand the essential nature of something, usually through very simple means. Usually an epiphany is communicated by a writer symbolically. John 1 is John’s epiphany, the story of how he came face to face with God. John 1 is a poetic metaphor of the traditional Christmas story. It is the story of the Word who created the world purposefully and in harmony with Himself. Without Him nothing was made that was made. He created man and gave him life and light. But something happened – darkness. What will happen to the Word, what will happen to man, what will happen to the darkness? The difference in this story and other metaphors of the Gospel is this is your world, you live in the darkness, and this Word is indeed God. Through this powerful story, you too, like John can experience epiphany can come face to face with God. Topics Discussed: Living on the razor’s edge Why Einstein was interested in origins Irreducible complexities Listen audio of the sermon: Epi

Sermon: Life in Conversation with God

Life is meant to be a conversation with God. The glory of God is the topic of the conversation. Prayer is the dialogue of the conversation. Which statement better reflects your prayer life: “But there was no voice; no one answered, no one paid attention.” Or “Then the fire of the Lord fell. . .” Elijah was a man who lived in conversation with God. In a context in which every event of life is an opportunity to learn more about the glory of God and for God to use you to spread His glory, prayer is meaningful and miraculous. People who live life in conversation with God see the laws of physics, time and space bend when God answers prayer. Other topics included in this message: · What you can do with ten dollars. · Praying for marathons. · Do mushrooms grow in caves? Listen to audio of the sermon “ Living in Conversation with God .”


Three Psalms, in Latin, all begin with the same words, “Miserere mei Deus” meaning, “Have mercy on me, O God.” The 51st Psalm was penned by David after the prophet Nathan had exposed him and confronted his sins of adultery and murder. In expressing his innermost desire to be right with God, he submitted his plea for mercy to the Chief Musician (Ps. 51:1), as a song to be used in public worship. In 1518 it was known simply as “The Miserere”, composed by Constanzo Festa. He arranged nine vocal parts in two choirs, one of five and the other of four. Each choir alternated in Gregorian chant and then came together for the final verse. They sang David’s prayer, his cry for mercy as a song in public worship. By 1638 it was Allegri who had taken “The Miserere” and added soaring soprano parts and a compelling melodic style. So captivated by it was the pope that he demanded the song never be duplicated and that it only be sung in worship at the Sistine Chapel. If anyone dared copy “The Misere

Prayer for Redemption of Motives and Thoughts

This past Sunday I shared an entry from my prayer journal with the congregation while preaching the sermon “ Praying for Soul Strength .” Several people have made comments about it and so I have decided to post it so that anyone who chooses may have it and be able to reflect on it. I hope this entry is helpful to you in some way. ___________________ Dear Holy God, please make me a Holy man, not in action according to form, but in thoughts and motives. Bring the power of redemption through the cross of Christ and His resurrection deep within me, to the very essence of my person. May every thought be captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Cor. 10:5). As a pastor may I not be motivated by the approval of men, but help me to get a true sense of your will and purpose for me in your Kingdom. I want to do only what you want me to do. I realize my need for your blessing and favored hand in my life. I can do nothing without you, therefore I must be a holy man, a vessel fit to carry the

Sermon: Praying for Soul Strength

Our souls have become dry desert places void of the movements and workings of God within us. Many people attend church worship services and teaching but yet their life never really changes, why? Many people find church to be boring all together, why? The power of the Word of God has been reduced to mere Bible stories, why? We have grown accustomed to praying diligently for physical strength but have forgotten to pray for the strength of our very soul, as a result we are spiritually anemic. Here is a prayer Paul wrote, that you can pray, that will cause your soul to awaken and explode with life. Interesting Topics: Things prisoners think about Your mp3 cathedral Why Kenny Chesney is bad for dogs Listen to audio of “Praying for Soul Strength.”