Sermon: Epiphany

An epiphany is when you understand the essential nature of something, usually through very simple means. Usually an epiphany is communicated by a writer symbolically. John 1 is John’s epiphany, the story of how he came face to face with God.

John 1 is a poetic metaphor of the traditional Christmas story. It is the story of the Word who created the world purposefully and in harmony with Himself. Without Him nothing was made that was made. He created man and gave him life and light. But something happened – darkness. What will happen to the Word, what will happen to man, what will happen to the darkness?

The difference in this story and other metaphors of the Gospel is this is your world, you live in the darkness, and this Word is indeed God. Through this powerful story, you too, like John can experience epiphany can come face to face with God.

Topics Discussed:

Living on the razor’s edge
Why Einstein was interested in origins
Irreducible complexities

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