Prayer for Redemption of Motives and Thoughts

This past Sunday I shared an entry from my prayer journal with the congregation while preaching the sermon “Praying for Soul Strength.” Several people have made comments about it and so I have decided to post it so that anyone who chooses may have it and be able to reflect on it. I hope this entry is helpful to you in some way.

Dear Holy God, please make me a Holy man, not in action according to form, but in thoughts and motives. Bring the power of redemption through the cross of Christ and His resurrection deep within me, to the very essence of my person. May every thought be captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Cor. 10:5).

As a pastor may I not be motivated by the approval of men, but help me to get a true sense of your will and purpose for me in your Kingdom. I want to do only what you want me to do. I realize my need for your blessing and favored hand in my life. I can do nothing without you, therefore I must be a holy man, a vessel fit to carry the very person and power of God within me. Holy Father, make me fit for this task. I yield myself to your purposes and I understand many times your purpose may require pain. God I ask that you place my family under your loving care and may they not be touched by the wicked one.

Dear Lord, create in me a clean heart (Psalm 51:10). I am incapable of willing myself to become that which you desire me to be, like Christ. Only you can accomplish this in me and I desperately desire for salvation in full part to be measured in me, deep within me. I cannot remember all I need to remember, I cannot forget those things which need to be forgotten, I cannot think only on those things you desire for me unless I am filled with your Holy Spirit. Captivate my mind O Lord. May I be fully satisfied in you. Cleanse me of my iniquities with the blood of Jesus Christ and may I partake of His resurrected life.

In the name of Jesus and for the sake of His resurrected life I pray, Amen.


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