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Making Sense of the Storm

Yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of a life changing day for me, my family, and for almost everyone in the community where I lived at the time.  Ironically, tonight we are preparing for a new set of storms.  I felt compelled to re-post this article today that I posted orignially on April 29, 2011.  I hope you find it helpful. _____________________ On Wednesday afternoon our youth pastor and I took a generator to the home of a family in our church that had been hit by a tornado that morning.  They were scrambling to try repair their home to the point that it would be secure.  We all knew there were more storms coming and they would be worse.  I am not a carpenter.  In moments of urgent carpentry all I am is in the way.  When I go on a missions trip my job is to carry stuff in Jesus’ name.  So we did not stay long and I was home by early afternoon settling in for a long night of wild weatherman radar watching.  Some people may think tower-cams are cool, I think they are nearl

Presence - You Only Need 1 "Like" Video (#TheWalk)

Presence - You Only Need One Like (#TheWalk) from Brian Branam on Vimeo .

You Only Need 1 "Like"

A news story surfaced last week about a 19 year old man in Great Britain who became addicted to selfies.  He would spend 10 hours a day taking as many as 200 pictures of himself until he could find the perfect one to post.  Ultimately, when he realized he could not take the perfect selfie, he tried to kill himself. In a widely circulated article “ Parents, A Word About Instagram ”, blogger Sarah Brooks helps parents understand a potential pitfall of the social media phenomenon by saying, “Have you considered that your child is given numerical values on which to base his or her social standing? For the first time ever your children can determine their “worth” using actual numbers provided by their peers!” “Let me explain…” “Your daughter has 139 followers which is 23 less than Jessica, but 56 more than Beau. Your son’s photo had 38 likes which was 14 less than Travis’ photo, but 22 more than Spencer’s.” “See what I mean? There’s a number attached to them. A ranking.” Br

The Mistake of Making Easter Ultimate

Easter presents the church with a natural attendance spike.  There will be a lot of effort put into extending invitations and even offering incentives for people to come to your church.  For the most part it will work.  There will be  a huge swell in attendance.  There will be people who hear the gospel for the first time.  There will be people who will be saved Easter Sunday and it will be a huge turning point in their life.  There will be those who reconnect to church who have been away for years.  The Lord will bless the day and the efforts of a people who truly exalt His Son, but there will be some things that happen after Easter Sunday that will not meet your expectations. Some people will show up and leave never to be seen or heard from again.  Some of us will work hard to get a friend to attend church with us.  They will come.  Eventually though, the conversation about returning may grow stale, perhaps even awkward as we drift off into the summer months.  Why is this ofte

Pace, Doing Life at Godspeed (#TheWalk)

Pace, Doing Life at Godspeed #TheWalk from Brian Branam on Vimeo . You can also view this video on our App, LBCEngage.

Blood Moon #1

Here is a great video explaining the science behind tonight's first blood moon.  I'll lend my thoughts to the Biblical significance of this event later this week. 

Random Thoughts on Friday 4/11/14

Now there's an app - LBC Engage If you haven't downloaded the new app for my church family ( get it this weekend.  Three great things you can do with this app: You can stay current with what is going on at Liberty through social media and immediate access to announcements. You can keep the conversation going all week long.  At Liberty Engage you can listen to any sermon you might have missed or one you want to hear again.  Something I am really excited about, in a few weeks we will be posting 2 minute video clips from the weekend's sermons that will help you continue to digest truths from God's Word.  There is also a link to this blog where you can read articles and share stories, connecting sermon content and Biblical truth to culture. Get in the Word.  At LBC Engage you will find multiple versions of the Bible as well as a place to journal your thoughts.  LBC Engage also interacts, in real time, with Sunday's sermon by cuing you

An Effective Easter

Easter presents the church with its greatest natural opportunity on the calendar to share the gospel.  Here is a short list of ways you can help your church have an effective Easter. 1) The Lord wants to bless your Easter services, make sure He can. God has proven that for those who will exalt His Son, obey the commands, love Him, and love people that He will bless with bountiful growth (John 12:32, Acts 2:42-47).  If God can see that a local church is serious about obeying the commands, preaching the gospel and discipling people He will send people their way.  Make sure you do nothing in attitude or action that God would say, “I can’t bless that.”  Let there be no apathy, selfishness, or self-righteousness.  Make sure the sermon is faithful to the Biblical text, the music is Scriptural, and the teaching in every group is doctrinally sound.  Make sure that the building is uncluttered and reflects that it is owned and operated by the redeemed people of a Holy God.  Be a peopl

Paths - Your Next Step Could Change Everything (Sermon Audio) #TheWalk

Rooney and Pinette, Funny Men, A Fitting Reminder

Early on Monday morning I was driving in the darkness listening to the news on the radio.  Two very talented and funny men had died.  Mickey Rooney who was revered to have a unique career that has " spanned almost the entire history of motion pictures " passed away at the age of 93.  It would be difficult to find a person alive, of any age, in our country who has not seen something in which Mickey Rooney was an actor.  From his appearances in The Muppet movies, to the short but mighty security guard who declared that Ben Stein's character, "He looks like a wierdy!", to the classic Its A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, and even dating back to appearances in silent films, you, your kids, your grandmother, and your great grandaddy have all at one time or another laughed at Mickey Rooney. The second was John Pinette who passed at age 50.  Pinette was the portly fellow who was car jacked in a small town in the final episode of Seinfeld.  Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kram

Progress #TheWalk

I have been sharing a series of sermons with my church family ( ) entitled The Walk.  The Bible uses the metaphor of walking more than 200 times to describe the way one does life.  As I stated in a previous post entitled ( What You are Missing by Googling God ),  the metaphor is fitting because walking, in Biblical times, was a way of life.  Last year, while driving, I passed a man dressed in military fatigues carrying an American flag.  I noticed him, but I moved on quickly and gave it very little thought.  The next day I saw the same man standing with a group of people on a street corner in a different town, at least 15 miles from where I had seen him the day before.  That weekend I was hosting a retreat for a group of leaders at a facility located at the summit of a mountain.  As I left the retreat center that Saturday, guess what I saw.  Same guy, same flag, only now miles away, and 3,000 feet above the town where I had seen him just a few days befor

My Favorite Player

Here's a great article about a dear friend of our family, Hayden Nelson.  Even though I own him in NCAA Football on XBox (and he knows it!), he's still my favorite player. TRUSSVILLE — Kenneth Hardin believes Hayden Nelson is in hog heaven on The Mall in Trussville’s Cahaba Project, surrounded by parked SUVs that form an imaginative stadium wall, cheered on by proud parents in outdoor chairs. Hardin is the coach of the Trussville Youth Flag Football Redskins, a Trussville Parks and Recreation team that plays against other fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders. Nelson is an 11-year-old fourth-grader from Moody, and he is the Redskins’ center. Nelson is the team’s ball-hiker because he has cerebral palsy, a disorder that affects a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture, and sometimes cognition. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in 323 children in the U.S. has cerebral palsy. The disorder affects Nelson

Noah - What we should be talking about.

As a follow up to my review of Noah posted yesterday; the film leaves us with some incredible opportunities for conversations with unbelievers who will see it.  Let’s talk Bible , particularly Genesis 6-9.  The film gives us a marvelous opportunity to discuss the differences in Aronofsky’s film and the Biblical story.  It will not be helpful to be irritatingly know-it-all about this.  Let’s not point out the differences for difference sake.  Let’s talk differences because the Bible’s account is much more hopeful.  If anything Aronofsky does, he gives us a darker backdrop on which we can bring the Biblical epic to light.  I think after people watch the film they will be relieved to hear the real thing. Let’s talk God .  If non-believers walk away from this film without conversation I think it will be like Adam and Eve’s journey from the garden.  The question Satan posed is about what God actually said and believing the lie cost them dearly.  I think it is critical that we bring