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Temptation in the Story of God

Temptation in the Story of God from Brian Branam on Vimeo . How does the temptation of Christ fit into the story of the Bible? There is an incredible message in this!

What Andy Murray Taught the Church - There is More to Championships Than What You See in the Highlights

Yesterday Andy Murray brought an end to the angst of an entire nation becoming the first Brit to win Wimbledon in 77 years.  What made the win even more appreciable probably escaped the view of the casual tennis observer or even the sports enthusiast who caught the highlights on ESPN.  What made Murray great was the struggle; the immense amount of persistence in suffering that resulted in a championship.   Winning Wimbledon is not easy.  If you don’t understand the tournament allow me to fill you in.  While Wimbledon gets better TV coverage than most tennis majors, the primetime stuff most of us see is only the last three rounds.  The tournament actually takes two weeks and it consists of seven rounds.  In perspective, there are 68 teams in the NCAA basketball tournament.  There are 128 players competing in the bracket at Wimbledon.   For the men, each round consists of a best 3 out of 5 set match.  I am not trying to diminish other sports.  You’ve got to be a MAN to play footb

14 Days from 40

In 13 days I will supposedly stand at the peak of my chronological life.  In 14 days I will turn 40 and officially be over the hill.  I think I may have started some of my over the hill activities early.  In the past 20 - 25 months I have pulled a hamstring playing football (for the first time in my life), been prescribed cholesterol meds, began taking fish oil, and started going regularly to a chiropractor.  I already have this weird thing about wanting to eat dinner early - what’s that about?  Yet, I have heard from some that life is not so bad over the hill.  I have heard from others that it is horrendous.  Two weeks away from death valley, I can’t quite see the other side, but I can hear the echoes in the distance.   That said, below is sort of my mix tape of fears, hopes, aspirations, and questions about the down hill side of life. I wonder about bi-focals.  I have heard that after 40 your vision changes making bi-focals necessary.  When you wear your bi-focals do you