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Desert Rain

Some things need to be dry.  Damp shirt - bad.  Damp socks - yuck.  Bread does well with jelly, but not so well with water.  Forget to roll up your window on a summer day; a passing shower will inevitably leave you a gift to remind you that driving a car is better done dry. Dry is a difficult season for the soul.  You pray, no answer.  You read the Bible, it's like stale bread.  For pastors sermons come hard in the dry season.  You want to dig deep into God's Word but it seems like all you find is more sand.  Where is the artesian well of abundant life Jesus promised?  For blogger, writer, wannabe people like me dry seasons leave you with no ink.  It has been so bad that people who read my blog and listen to my sermons online have been emailing me, "Are you O.K?"  I'm fine, but that's where I've been for months now, dry. This is not my first walk on dry ground.  If you follow the Lord long enough you know that eventually He brings rain.  We may be dr