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Pipes - Restoring Restricted Affection

We bought a home last July that we absolutely love, but there is one thing about it that I have grown to ardently hate, pipes.  Four times in less than a year we have had a total drainage lock-down.  Some might attribute our demise to great cereal, but I am telling you, the problem is bad pipes.   Everything is going great, flowing freely.   There is little to no thought of the importance of what is taking place below the floor until I hear that dreaded gurgle.  The gurgle is the final warning that what is supposed to be leaving your home is about to reverse and make a nasty return.  This may be TMI territory, but you need to know.  It stinks.  I have seen the same thing happen to marriages, friendships, businesses, churches, and teams.  Things are going great, flowing freely, and then there is a gurgle followed by a sudden reversal of progress that brings with it an unwelcome stench.  What was once going good is now markedly bad. Paul had a series of communications with a gift

Provision: The Story in Your Stuff