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Decorations (video)

Did you know Americans will spend over $6 billion in Christmas decorations this year?  Everywhere you go we create the perfect Christmas scenes, but did you know that the first Christmas was far from the decorations?  Christ did not come to decorate, Jesus came to redeem.  But redemption is hard work.  It requires a difficult choice and a submissive life.  Covering up is much easier than opening up. Decorations (Christmess Series) from Liberty Baptist Church on Vimeo .

Charles Finney

When God is pleased with a leader's life, his divine presence is unmistakable.  Charles G. Finney was a nineteenth-century evangelist whose life demonstrated the obvious presence of God. During a visit to New York Mills in 1826, he visited a cotton manufacturing plant where his brother-in-law was superintendent.  As Finney passed through a spacious room in which many women were working at looms and spinning jennies, he noticed several young women watching him and speaking among themselves. As Finney approached them, they became more agitated.  When Finney was about ten feet away, one woman sank to the ground and burst into tears.  Soon others were sobbing, overcome with conviction of their sin.  This outpouring of the Spirit spread rapidly throughout the building until the entire factory was singularly aware of God's presence. The owner, an unbeliever, realized God was at work and temporarily closed the plant.  He asked Finney to preach to his employees and tell them how