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Why God Created Donax Variabilis

Donax variabilis – that’s the scientific name for those little shiny clams that wash up on the beach and then immediately make “a dig for it.” We were in Destin last week and my daughters harvested about a hundred thousand of these things. As my girls dug into the sand chasing the little dudes they revealed villages, cities, nations of tiny clams living just below the surface – it was very Matrix like. As I watched the mayhem I wondered what could possibly be the point of such a tiny paranoid clam. And then it struck me as another mass of Donax variablilis hit the bottom of the sand buckets: God created paranoid clams because crabs (Callinectes sapidus) bite back!

A Teaspoon of Kerosene

My daughters basically hate the doctor, but they love medicine. Kids are germ sponges so we fill prescriptions several times a year. You give them your insurance card, a driver’s license, and then the pharmacist asks you, “What flavor would you like your amoxicillin ?” You can order your favorite antibiotic in a variety of delicious flavors, sort of like Dairy Queen. When I was a kid medicine came in one flavor, kerosene. The chalky stuff for your stomach tasted like kerosene, really thick kerosene. Antibiotics, they tasted like kerosene with a hint of turpentine. Any cream they prescribed for your skin smelled like skunk and burned like acid. Now creams smell like something from Bath and Body Works and help your baby sleep through the night. My dad was a firm believer in Vicks Vapo rub. I think by now they have outlawed the stuff, but my dad believed it “would clear you up”, meaning your sinuses. He was right; it cleared you up, a nice chemical vapor blast of radiation r

Be Careful What You Preach

I’ve been preaching through the Sermon on the Mount. Two weeks ago I preached from the passage where Jesus says: "Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal." (Matthew 6:19-20) Last weekend, someone stole our church van. Last Sunday I preached from the passage where Jesus says: "And why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, 'Let me remove the speck from your eye'; and look, a plank is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye." (Matthew 7:3-5) Today I took my daughter to the doctor; she has pink eye. I think I’m going to put off preaching on death for aw

Learning to Dance

2 Samuel 6:14 says that “David danced before the LORD with all his might.” If David were a Baptist the Bible would have said he made a casserole before the Lord. If David were Baptist he would not have danced. I can’t dance. But that’s O.K. because I’m Baptist. Being Baptist takes some of the pressure off people who can’t dance. Baptists are not much for dancing. I have never read the official doctrinal position on dancing, but from everything I have heard said about dancing through the years, I’m pretty sure we’re against it. Honestly, it is not hard being against something you can’t do. Calling your lack of talent sin can actually work to your advantage. I have always hated the people who put pressure on you to dance. In High School I enjoyed going to dances and standing, just standing. I was awesome at standing while everyone else danced. As long as I was standing “at” a dance I felt cool. But someone would always destroy my cool standing by putting pressure on me to

The Reason God Created Sand

In honor of summer, and our upcoming vacation, my first installment of "The Reason God Created Stuff" will be a reflection on the purpose of sand! Why God created sand - because digging in dirt with plastic shovels is just way too hard.

The Reason God Created Stuff

I love science, especially creation science. Finding design and purpose in everything from astronomy to biology; from the atom to the eye is an adventure in worship. So in doing this, I'm not trying to be trite; I can be deep, but too much depth gives me a headache. But I am learning to see things differently, through the eyes of my daughters. They can pick up something I have known and used for years and instantly invent a new purpose for it. A way, probably not the right way, but nevertheless a new way to use an old underappreciated something. Children are truly "out of the box" thinkers. Children view creation "out of the box." And so, today I launch a new topic "The Reasons God Created Stuff." I will add an instalment from time to time - trying to capture the simple childlike appreciation for God's "stuff." Hopefully sharing some great pictures along the way. Nothing scientific, but hopefully just as much an adventure in wo

Hip Hop Wagon Safely Back in the Pen

Well, apparently the hip hop bandit can’t drive. At least he has a tough time driving massive vans. He backed into a lady’s brick mailbox – the van won. Soon thereafter he must have jumped a curb – the curb won. The curb destroyed the front tire, hence the end of the Hip Hop Wagon. You would think after driving around all night he would have become more proficient at handling a passenger van. One thing I know, he can handle a radio. Maybe next time he’ll buy his own.

Hip Hop and Ketchup in a Church Van

Somebody stole our church van. I have no idea why you would want to steal a huge fifteen passenger van with church logos all over it, but maybe “church van” is the next big thing in trickin’ your truck. Now instead of SUV’s with huge rims people will be going for the customized church van look. Instead of a set of massive woofers in the rear of your Suburban, why not “trick” it with another three rows of seats and a Bible verse? A lady called the church this morning to complain that one of our workers was out last night at 10:30 driving around the neighborhood blasting hip hop music. She was really angry. She told our Sunday School director that playing hip hop music was not a good way to do ministry and she hung up the phone. Well, the hip hop ministry is working for TobyMac, but no matter how you cut it, it’s not very cool in a fifteen passenger wagon. But whoever this guy is, you’ve got to love the fact that he’s somehow figured out a way to thump the woofers on a church van. My o