The Reason God Created Stuff

I love science, especially creation science. Finding design and purpose in everything from astronomy to biology; from the atom to the eye is an adventure in worship. So in doing this, I'm not trying to be trite; I can be deep, but too much depth gives me a headache. But I am learning to see things differently, through the eyes of my daughters. They can pick up something I have known and used for years and instantly invent a new purpose for it. A way, probably not the right way, but nevertheless a new way to use an old underappreciated something. Children are truly "out of the box" thinkers. Children view creation "out of the box." And so, today I launch a new topic "The Reasons God Created Stuff." I will add an instalment from time to time - trying to capture the simple childlike appreciation for God's "stuff." Hopefully sharing some great pictures along the way. Nothing scientific, but hopefully just as much an adventure in worship.


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