Sermon: Life in Conversation with God

Life is meant to be a conversation with God. The glory of God is the topic of the conversation. Prayer is the dialogue of the conversation. Which statement better reflects your prayer life:

“But there was no voice; no one answered, no one paid attention.”


“Then the fire of the Lord fell. . .”

Elijah was a man who lived in conversation with God. In a context in which every event of life is an opportunity to learn more about the glory of God and for God to use you to spread His glory, prayer is meaningful and miraculous. People who live life in conversation with God see the laws of physics, time and space bend when God answers prayer.

Other topics included in this message:

· What you can do with ten dollars.
· Praying for marathons.
· Do mushrooms grow in caves?

Listen to audio of the sermon “Living in Conversation with God.”


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