17 Blah

For my seventeen fans in the world I would like to submit one of those totally useless blogs that deranged people write as if someone is actually entertained by what they are doing today. However, I have found that the deranged people who write about their day have more than seventeen subscribers – maybe my soup needs to become a little more useless. But I am writing this to let the seventeen of you know that the articles may come somewhat slow and be somewhat short over the next couple of weeks as I work on a couple of heavy projects. However, once these projects come to a head you will see a whole bunch of “blah” come online all at one time - hopefully. One thing I am working on is completing some entries from my recent “Cryin’ Out Loud Series.” This is a series of sermons I preached on the things Jesus said from the cross. I am trying to condense the material so you can read it in one sitting and not fall asleep. If you would like, check out the audio blog www.rbconline.net/audioblog , the audio from the series is posted.

Just a quick reflection on a NyQuil hangover:

NyQuil is the nighttime, aching, sneezing, coughing, Malaria, Hepatitis, runny nose, watery eyes, so you can get some sleep medicine. NyQuil is highly effective; it delivers on its promises. The reason NyQuil is so effective is because even if you still had Malaria, you wouldn’t know it. NyQuil has helped me realize that I would not be a very cordial drunk. They say that alcohol affects people in diverse ways. Some people get drunk and think everybody is suddenly beautiful – and so, on a drunken night they marry an ugly person. With NyQuil I don’t think anything is beautiful, in fact most everything is irritating. NyQuil has helped me sleep, but has made me very grouchy. I would be a mean drunk; which is not good since I would be horrible in a bar fight. The funny part is that although things have become irritating, it seems to me that everything I think about seems rational (like this entry). Politicians and philosophers probably use lots of NyQuil.


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