Glo Bible (Another Great Pastor App)

Since it is Cyber Monday I must call attention to a great app for your PC, MAC, or iPad – Glo Bible. A few weeks ago our youth pastor, Caleb, introduced me to Glo Bible on his iPad. I was immediately impressed. Glo Bible is unlike any Bible application I have ever used; and I have used quite a few dating back to GodSpeed back in the early ‘90’s. My copy of GodSpeed used 3 3.5 inch floppy disks, so you had to insert the right one to perform certain searches. It reminds me of Tripp and Tyler’s iBible video (could do without the bleep out humor). We’ve come a long way baby!

Glo Bible is the first Bible app I have seen that integrates images, videos, timelines, maps, and articles into the text. The interface is attractive and easy to use. There is no way I can describe it to you, you must see it for yourself to truly appreciate. Unlike most Bible applications it requires 0 knowledge of “search” lingo. You simply click on the passage and all related content is immediately available. According to their website Glo Bible contains 5 modern translations, NIV Study Notes, over 2,300 high resolution photos, 450+ virtual tours, 3.5 hours of interactive video, 140+ maps, and a host of related articles. It truly makes the Bible a visual experience.

Over the last few weeks I have used the Glo Bible app on my iPad to teach my daughters. Every passage we read together is full of content that helps them see and experience the Bible. We can read a passage and immediately take a tour or watch a video that helps them get a true sense of the text. No more dry seminary explanation of Bible lands by dad, now they get the cool stuff. Until today I have been using the free version of Glo Bible because I am a cheap nerd. The free version offers a ton of material itself, but only one version of the Bible. Today Glo Bible is offering the full upgrade for 30% off. Or you can buy all of the software content on CD for the same price of $35. Seeing that I have paid well over $1,000 for my content on Logos, Glo Bible is a must have, especially for laymen who really want a captivating way to study the Scriptures.

For the teacher/preacher Glo Bible is a must have, especially on iPad 2 with its desktop to monitor feature. If you are able to teach from a networked classroom or auditorium space the possibilities for use of Glo Bible to enhance your teaching time are endless. The main reason I went to iPad last year was so that I could get away from pre-packaged powerpoint presentations. I always found myself wanting to show or illustrate something that I failed to put into my slideshow. iPad gave me the capability of making my presentations more interactive, GloBible will help me take this to an all new level.

Its Cyber Monday – gift yourself the GloBible.


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