Sermon: Thinking Through Temptation - Joseph, Beautiful Victim Series

It is easy for our defining moment to become the trauma of our past. Whether it be a critical mistake we made or the pain of inflicted abuse by a loved one, that event becomes the reference point for the rest of our lives. As a result we may continue to make choices with our life that will only continually destroy us. Some people look for trust in untrustworthy people. Some feel worthless and therefore give themselves to anyone or anything. Some cannot cope with the pain and turn to chemical abuse as a way to dull the memory.

For Joseph his defining moment was not the abuse of his past, but rather what he believed God was going to do with him. He refused to compromise his future. Our past does not give us a reason to make decisions in the present that will destroy our future. In the Gospel, God gives us hope for tomorrow.

Listen to audio of "Thinking Through Temptation."

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