Sermon: Conviction - Joseph, Beautiful Victim Series

Whether it be the sin of long ago or a sin that has been going on for a long time, why can’t God just let it go? If it is something that has long since been forgotten or something that does not seem to be harming us or anyone else, then why deal with it? God has a way of taking seemingly harmless sin and making them hurt in our conscience. Conviction is the process by which God awakens our sin calloused soul and making the penalty and pain of sin become fresh in our mind. Joseph uses a series of circumstances to prod the conscience of his long lost brothers. After 20 years, sin forgotten becomes fresh in their conscience.

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Anonymous said…
I feel God lead me to this website to listen to your sermon on conviction. You even said there is no coincidences or accidents. I have been dealing with a dysfunctional family (my boyfriend's family) and what you said about Joseph and his family really hit home for me. I pray that Dave will listen to this sermon. I know God has a plan for us. I know Dave is feeling convicion about addictions, guilt, etc. He is really angry with me right now because I shed a light on it (I should say God did using me as a tool). God is reassuring me and I believe he can turn things around for Dave and his kids just like Joseph's family.

I hope more people get on your website and listen to that message on conviction. I think it is one of the greatest messages I have heard. God Bless you and your family and church.

Unity, Wisconsin

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