Conversational Gospel (The Real Meaning of the Great Commission) Part 2

(Continued from Monday)  

This being the case, a more Biblical understanding of the Great Commission turns our evangelistic process on its head.  I would submit to you that our unbiblical understanding of evangelism has resulted in:
  1. An approach that measures success in “deciders” rather than in “followers.”
  2. An approach that ends with the decision.
  3. An approach that is presentation oriented.
  4. An approach that is impersonal.
  5. An approach that is unnatural (it is unlike any other way of interacting with human beings).
  6. An approach that is not working!  It is not working because:
    1. Church people grow weary of doing it and eventually don’t.
    2. Church people feel guilty if they don’t do it.
    3. Lost people are not responding to it.
    4. It assumes a high degree of prior knowledge of the gospel and as such is becoming more and more irrelevant in an increasingly Biblically illiterate culture.
    5. It does not allow anyone to explore what it means that Jesus is the Christ and learn what it means to follow Him.
    6. It does not result in fully devoted followers of Christ, but rather very fickle church members who are uncommitted, undisciplined, uneducated, hypocritical, and in the end non-existent when difficulty arises. 
The problem is very simple.  We are not making disciples.
  • We are asking people to come to church.
  • We are sharing an outline.
  • We are asking people to believe in Jesus.
  • We are trying to grow churches.
WE ARE NOT MAKING DISCIPLES.  If we are not making disciples we cannot call ourselves a GREAT COMMISSION CHURCH no matter how many times we go out, no matter how many times we share, no matter how far away we go, no matter how many classes we teach, and no matter how many people attend.

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