3 Words to Help You Understand the Bible

Most people understand the Bible to be 66 disjointed books full of random religious sayings and stories.  Even if this is not our understanding of the Bible, most of us read the Bible as if this is indeed what it is.  We skip around, pick and pluck, and often approach it in a random fashion with no intent to engage the plot of the story at hand.  The end result is that we may find a verse here and there that seems to have something meaningful to say.  Yet even then, our interpretation of the golden nugget we find is not faithful to the context; and as for the context, it is categorically ignored and the rest of what we do not take time to understand is flushed into the abyss of the Bible scholar.  Scholars may find the blessing in the obscure passages, but there is no meaning in them for the rest of us.  I assure you, this was not God’s intent and it is simply not the case.  
This week I want to share with you three words that will help you better understand the story of the Bible.  Although these three words do not account for all that the Bible says, they are three words that do seem to give the story of the Bible cohesiveness.  The three words are:  son, land, and blessing.  I will explain more as the week goes along, but for now entertain these three questions as you approach the story of the Bible:
  1. Who (sometimes where) is the promised son?
  2. What is the promised land?
  3. Who is receiving the promised blessing?
If you will hold these three questions at the forefront as you read the Bible it will help you to see the big picture of what God is doing to fulfill His promises to give man a son that will redeem him from sin, to redeem the land from the curse of sin, and to bring a group of chosen people to a place where they will enjoy His blessings forever.


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