Wired for Intimacy (From Challies.com)

Tim Challies is a book review machine. Given the topics I have been covering from the RBC pulpit, I thought Challies' latest book review was worth sharing. Even if you don't read Wired for Intimacy by William Struthers, Challies' review is educational and convicting in itself.

Here is an excerpt from the post. I highlighted one line in particular that caught my attention:

I read recently of a researcher who wanted to study the effects of pornography on young adult males. He carefully built the structure for the study, determining how he would compare young men who had experienced pornography with a control group comprised of those who had never come into contact it. Tragically this researcher had to cancel his study. He found that he was unable to put together a control group; he could not find young men who had not discovered pornography. The experiment was impossible to conduct.


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