New Label: Wise Marriage

I have been made aware by Diane Sollee, director of Smart Marriages, “The Coalition for Marriage, Family, and Couples Education” that I am in violation of her trademark “Smart Marriage.” I apologize for this mistake and I will be changing all posts carrying the label “Smart Marriage” to “Wise Marriage” so as to avoid any legal action. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Gal. 2:20


Billy said…
Wow! That's all I'm gonna say, or I'll get your blog in trouble and way off topic.!
Anonymous said…
I hope you checked for Wise Marriage trademarks. When we talked, I should have suggested that. It's important, before naming a program, to check and see if you're in violation - before you spend time/money on a name that's *taken*. I spend many hours with members of the coalition helping them find new titles that are not already marked. It's also good to find/create a program title that has an available url. - Diane Sollee, founder/director, Smart Marriages
Brian Branam said…
Diane, This is a series of sermons, not a formalized "program." I do not know of any pastors who check trademarks before they title a sermon series. If I were going to create a "program" or write a book entitled "smart marriage", then yes, I agree. Under the law you have cited our content does not misrepresent your company, it does not hijack your url, it is not commercial, and it does not delude your company in any way. I would believe that my use of "Smart Marriage" was harmless, and in the end would have actually enhanced your company since any search for those words returns on 2 entries of my blog or a sermon and many others of your own. In any event, for sake of continuing this, and being able to concentrate on other issues, I have complied with your request to the best of my ability.
Anonymous said…
Must be nice to own words. Wonder where I can get me some?
cptmcnair said…
Brian, I checked out her Trademark. They trademarked Smart Marriages, not Smart Marriage. They use a typed, serif font. Yours is script.
Theirs promotes a service for which they charge. Yours is just a sermon series that is free. No one coming to hear your sermons think they are attending her seminars. All of her speakers have a PhD or PsyD, but none seem to have a GoD.

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