What Should Preachers Preach About Sex? (Part 1)

The question is not, “Should preachers preach about sex?” Most all preachers preach about sex in some form or fashion. The most common topics covered from the pulpit are forbidding sex before marriage and condemning the sin of homosexuality. If a preacher has ever mentioned either of these two from the pulpit, he has preached about sex. So the question is not “if” to preach but rather “what” or “how much” to preach?

Many traditional church goers are highly uncomfortable with sex talk from the pulpit when it leaves the realm of sex before marriage or the naming of some other sexual sin. It is readily accepted for preachers to forbid sex before marriage, but is he free to encourage couples who are married to have sex and enjoy it? I will ponder this issue with the next few posts. I will cover the topic by asking four questions:

1. What does the Bible say about sex and how does the Bible say it?

2. How should the preacher exercise sensitivity to his audience in preaching?

3. What is the history of the church when it comes to issues of sex?

4. What are the sexual issues in our churches and culture that need to be addressed from the pulpit?


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