Tim Tebow Ad

This sounds odd for a pastor to say, but I want to thank the Women’s Media Center, the National Organization for Women, and the Feminist Majority for promoting a decidedly pro-life agenda on Super Bowl Sunday. Their protests against CBS fueled the flames of speculation that Pam and Tim Tebow were to appear in a Focus on the Family ad during the Super Bowl which encouraged women to choose life for their unborn babies instead of abortion. In reality, all the ad really seemed to say was that Tim Tebow loves his mom and that Pam had a difficult pregnancy, almost “losing” him several times. I must say, I love my momma too, but I am afraid to tackle her as Tim appeared to tackle his momma during the spot. I know it was meant for comedic value, but in the end, I was a little confused at what all the hype was about; so much so that I fully expected a follow up ad to appear later on during the game. But that was it. Love your momma. Pam Tebow had a difficult pregnancy. Go to focus on the family’s website for the full story. I must admit I have yet to visit the site, but I am sure the content is very good.

I know that there have already been millions of people go to the website to see the full story, but I would speculate that the visits have less to do with the $2.5 million ad and more to do with the “much ado about nothing” from the leftist abortion and feminist groups. So, thank you Women’s Media Center, NOW, and feminists everywhere for getting the pro life message out there loud and clear this weekend. You certainly did more to clarify Focus on the Family’s message than the producers of their ad did! If they succeeded in their goals, cudos! My advice then would be to threaten pro-life commercials on every network, let the pro-choice lobby protest the possibility, and save the money that would have actually been spent on the ad. Just a thought!


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