Be A Woman (sermon audio: Sunday a.m.)

Scripture reveals to us a woman who is happy in Proverbs 31. She excels in every area of her life and is efficient in each role. While her model seems daunting and unachievable to the modern American woman, we see that all she does is actually a simple outpouring of her character. Her love for God impacts her home and community in the way she cares and prepares for her family. For this reason, she is praised, appreciated, and respected as every woman desires from those she loves most.

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Anonymous said…
The suicide statistics mentioned in this sermon are far from factual.

In the USA Men's suicides are close to 5 times the number of women. In Russia they exceed the 5 x mark. 72 men per 100k commit suicide

If the rates were reversed and women were committing suicide at 5 times that of the men then the churches would be holding female suicide outreach programs.

If it matters to women churches talk about it. And since it's only men, who cares?

Our churches are out of touch with reality.

Is it any wonder the seven churches in Revelation which are symbolic of the churches today and throughout the church ages are disappointing to the Lord?
Brian Branam said…
I think "far from factual" is a stretch. True statistics vary but I checked several sources. If you notice I said that the statistics still vary greatly simply because men are "more successful", sadly enough, when they attempt suicide. However the attempts by men and women are getting closer in comparison, that was the point.

I think it is sad that you say, "who cares." I'm not sure why you are so pessimistic about the church, true it is not perfect, but I think it is far from "who cares!"

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