The Words You Speak in Your Bedroom (Reading 2 Kings 6:8-33)

Technology has exposed our desperate need to be known. I blog, therefore I am. Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace have either exposed our sheer boredom with life or they have each given us an outlet to say things to people that we have always wanted them to hear; like, “I’m bored”, or “I can’t wait to watch television tonight”, or “I need to do laundry.”

Although we demonstrate the need to be known, we are essentially saying nothing. We are addicted to tautological chatter. As much as we expose, there is so much still hidden. We are hiding behind the chatter. Twitter is a 140 character veil, a clever diversion, a techno curtain to hide the soul.

The king of Israel knew every move the king of Syria was about to make. The king of Syria thought there was a traitor in his midst. The problem was not treason, but divine knowledge. He twittered not, yet Israel knew, but how? Elisha, the man of God, the prophet, shared with the king of Israel information regarding the movements of the king of Syria. One of the Syrian servants described it by saying, “Elisha, the prophet who is in Israel tells the king of Israel the words that you speak in your bedroom (2 Kings 6:12).” The Syrian king thought he could hide his plans, but the knowledge of God exposed the most hidden recesses of his life.

Life is not private. God knows who we really are. God knows the words you speak in your bedroom. Behind the tweets and the pointless chatter there is another noise, inaudible, protected, hidden. It is as the old saying goes, “Character is what you are in the dark when no one is watching.” Character is the real you, not the tweeting you, but the words that you speak in your bedroom. You are the thoughts you think no one hears. Character is not a word that describes one of the 140 digits or letters you can post on twitter. Character is the words you speak in your bedroom. Character is the version of you that God knows. We cannot hide behind the tautological noise. People see what we post. God knows what we think, who we are, and what we are desperately trying to hide


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