Does God Care About Cars, Clothes, and Cancer?

Isn’t ironic that God is omnipresent yet it is so easy to feel as if He has abandoned us? When trials enter life it feels as if God steps out and we are on our own. We need a God of immeasurable power to perform something big, but we feel isolated and disconnected.

In many people suffering arouses a sudden interest in God. At the very least, in all of us suffering seems to intensify our interest in God’s involvement. Yet, are we as interested about God being involved in the little things? I should not say, are we as interested about God being involved in the little things, but are we interested about God’s involvement in all things?

1 Peter 5:16 says, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.” All means all. When we surrender our will and become God’s servants instead of His master, we are often surprised about the things He will do. We will find that it is a sin to beckon God only when we are suffering. The servant understands that God cares about all things that concern His servants. All of our anxieties are a big deal to God because we are a big deal to God. “He cares for you.”

We do not need to compartmentalize life. We do not need to compartmentalize God. All means all. The old saying is true, “If he is not Lord of all, then He is not Lord at all.” I should add that God is always the Lord whether you trust Him or not, but the phrase means that you cannot claim Him as your Lord if you are not totally relinquishing control.

If we would learn to cast all of our cares upon Him we would find that God will give us a long list of precedents in our lives. When sudden trials of suffering come, we will understand that He cares just as much about our healing as He did about the $30 we desperately needed in 1995. He cares about His servants taking math tests, because He cares about His servants. God cares about flat tires, because He cares about His servants. If you can have a conversation with God about your kid’s next teacher, or a girl that you are thinking about asking out on a date, or about Him helping you trim your budget; then it will be no problem having a conversation with Him about cancer. There will be a precedent. You will know that He has cared about every other thing in your life. He has not abandoned you. You are His servant. He cares about cancer, cars, kids, cash, and clothes because He cares about His servants.


Anonymous said…
I have learned many times over that not only does God care about my big needs and my little needs but He also cares about my "wants". Many times I have prayed about something I just wanted, being honest with God that I didn't need "it", whatever "it" may be. "It" was just a want. Sometimes He has answered those prayers and sometimes He hasn't. What I do know is that my heavenly Father loves me beyond description and that the God of the universe truly cares about little me.
"If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!" Matthew 7:11
Teisha said…
thank you! this has really helped me. I am now in a place where I can run no more from god. I am stripped bare and eventhough I have always known he was there and known things.. it is time for me to graduate to the next level in my spirituality. I asked god for a peaceful life and to help me let go of whatever hinders me from that and WHEW what a rollercoaster! I have seen more that I thought I would ever see and have experienced heart ache like never before! I can't say that I have felt his peace yet.. and I know it is because of me. I have never fully given in and allowed God to do his work in me because it seemed he didn't care about things that mattered to me. He didn't care that we are broke and things are constantly being turned off or that I really desperatly wanted to take my family on a vacation this year or that I just WANT things. Woman things and very simple things. I felt that I was suppose to sit back, shut up because I am on his timing and that didn't make me feel good. I am facing things like what I mentioned right now and I have made myself go numb in a sense.. not allowing the bad thoughts in and forcing myself to beleive god will help me. I needed to search the internet to find the answer of what God cares about and I am so glad to see that he cares about EVERYTHING that pertains to me. Now I just have to let that into my spirit. Thanks so much for this! God Bless!
Juan Oskar said…
I pray daily for my wife & me, our parents, kids, friends, etc. that our Lord blesses them...Keeps them from any harm, or illness. But everyone I pray for has the basics...Food, water, cloths, & a roof over their head. My question is, do we deserve to pray for more specifics when there are so many suffering people in the world? This is not a challenge, I'm just wondrin'. Peace amigos....Juan
Brian Branam said…
Jesus prayed daily for these things and instructed us to do so as well, Luke 11:3.

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