The Twisted Sovereignty of God Part 2 of 3 (Reading 2 Kings 5)

Continued from part 1

The information Naaman needs comes from the most unlikely source, the little girl he owns. If someone captured you, separated you from your family, and forced you into their service would you tell them anything that may save their life? Most of us would want our captors dead. Yet, the little girl talks and the only thing she says in the entire story is the only thing that will save Naaman’s skin.

In stark contrast to the little girl’s grace to Naaman is the King of Israel’s reaction. He is suspicious of the war monster Naaman, as he should be. When Elisha heard of the king’s rejection of Naaman he implored the king to let Naaman come for one reason, and one reason alone, “That he may know there is a prophet in Israel.”

In the days of Elisha, war mongers used prophets. Reference 2 Kings 3. The only mistake Jehoram made is that he did not consult the prophet prior to his circuitous march. Naaman, most likely, used prophets. Every nation had its gods. Gods have prophets. Naaman had worshipped at the house of Rimmon. Surely Rimmon had prophets. Without prophets dumb gods can’t talk or think. What Naaman needed to know was the source of true prophecy, the God of Israel, through His prophet, Elisha. The God of Israel speaks. Elisha will tell Naaman what He says.

People are nasty because of what they have heard. Their entire lives are informed by filth, lies, charlatans, war mongers. The things that educate us, we usually become. People are nasty because of what they have not heard. Naaman has not heard from the prophet of Israel nor his God. He needs new information. The secret of his success is about to confront him, embarrass him, humiliate him, and redeem him. Naaman needs the prophet to save his skin. Naaman also needs a true God who can save his bloodthirsty soul.

To be continued


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