Participating in Miracles

Most people assume that the formula for a miracle is to do nothing and expect God to do everything. Yet, in almost every miracle recorded in the Bible there is an issued command. Whether it be “go wash”, “go fill”, build a boat, lift a rod, or “wait”, there is something to be done that God uses to usher in the miraculous.

If you need a miracle the question is whether or not you are willing to participate? Participating with God is not the “I’ll do anything for You, if . . .” contract. Participating with God is the attitude, “Here am I, send me.” Are you willing to work, sell, or wait as a means of participating in the miraculous? Are you obedient to God’s Word? There are no consolation prizes for disobedience. God does not honor sin.

Miracles are not magic as in “poof, there it is.” Miracles are not magic, miracles are miracles. God is certainly capable of the most miraculous, creating something from nothing (Gen. 1). Yet, most often they are the manipulation of the natural (things that already exist such as jars, stones, and water). They are the interruption of the mundane, common occurrences of life (such as time, bad days, and death). They are the awakening of what is possible (water from a rock, blind eyes that suddenly see, the multiplication of oil or food). God connects supernatural miracles to a natural planet through great acts of faith. Most often He chooses to perform the miraculous through people who are already praying, working, serving, and obeying His Word. Do you need a miracle? Get busy.


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