The Miracle of What You Already Have

It is common for the American psyche to be more preoccupied with what one does not have rather than on what one already possesses. Our testimonies to this are in cluttered garages and an incessant need to rent mini warehouses. We have way too much stuff, yet we are always looking for more. Another testimony to our materialism is our response to the recent recession. We have responded as if buying less is a tragedy. This is a lesson for another day.

In times of suffering want, because we are preoccupied with wanting what we do not have, the theme of our prayers is for God to do just that; give us what we do not have. However, in surveying the miracles of Scripture, it seems that God is more interested in working with what you’ve already got. In 2 Kings 4, Elisha asks the widow what she has in her home, and he uses it, plus some of the neighbor’s supply. At Cana (John 2), Jesus used the water jars that were already there to turn water into wine. When Jesus fed the multitudes he did not miraculously produce a missing lunch, he multiplied the one that was already on hand.

Do not lament what you do not have. Be wise, frugal, and generous with what you’ve already got. The shortfall in your paycheck may not come in the mail; it may be sitting in the clutter that needs to be sold out of your garage. Sell what is in your mini warehouse. Hello extra income, goodbye monthly rent check. Short on an entire meal? Cook what you have, and share it. It seems counter-productive, but invite some neighbors over and ask them to bring a dish. It is the miracle of multiplication and community. Produce a food co-op. I’ll cook this. You cook that. Let’s eat.

Instead of asking God for more, why don’t we allow him to work in what we already have?


Sharon said…
AMEN! Now if I can just get someone to help me get all this junk out of my house! Got a U-Haul?
Anonymous said…
I could not have agreed more...I am learning just how faithful God is...the more I give and the more I am obdient to Him the more I realize I actually have


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