What You've Always Wanted (Isaiah 55)


What is something you would put in the category of "I got what I wanted" but did not find what I was searching for? You got some money, maybe got married, bought the house, and made a move. Perhaps you got the promotion at work that you wanted. Maybe you've wanted to retire, and you finally crossed the finish line. But did you find what you were searching for?

We have to live in the "get" column. There are tangible things in life we need like houses, money, and relationships. But we can't put pressure on those things to give us what we are really searching for; happiness, joy, security, identity, meaning, etc. 

In Isaiah 55 God gives His people a way to find what they've always been searching for no matter what they get. Posture your life to receive from the Lord what money can't buy and what only God can give.

Walk Closely
Listen Carefully
Wait Patiently
Start Immediately


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