Genesis 2


In the first 2 chapters of the Bible, there is a garden, a tree of life, rivers, blessing, and a man and a woman (the images of God). Adam and the woman are given the command to "be fruitful and multiply."

In the final 2 chapters of the Bible, there is a city in which trees of life line the streets. There is a river and a blessing from God for a world full of redeemed people to enjoy.

I believe if there had been no sin, the Bible would have been 4 pages long. Man would have subdued the Earth, spread the tree of life throughout it, and turned gardens that support a few people into cities that support multitudes of people. And the images of God would have done it productively as they enjoyed the blessings of God. The vision of God has always been for His images to multiply His blessings for His glory.

But Genesis 3 introduces tragedy into the story as sin becomes the reality for an otherwise amazing creation of God. Now the Bible is not only the story of how God created man but how God acts to redeem him.

And God's vision, though disrupted, does not fail. Through His power and because of His greatness, though there will be much bloodshed and battles in between, what is in the first two chapters of the Bible will be realized in the last two chapters of the the Bible. God is our Creator and Almighty Redeemer.

Genesis 1 and 2 is the beginning. Every beginning has an end. You and I are stuck in the story and given a choice. Will you join in the rebellion against Him in sin, or will you receive redemption and be a part of His new creation? 

As you look around the world, read the Bible. It will explain a lot about why we are as we are and how God has determined to fix what's wrong. You've got a choice to make and some work to do. 


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