Genesis 5 and 6


Genesis 5 establishes that the curse of sin is real and well established in the fabric of a now rapidly multiplying people. The death of Adam must have been sobering news. He didn't die in a day, but nevertheless, he is now dead. Eve was the mother of all living, but now all the living realize they are dying. 

Yet there is hope. In an otherwise dark, morbid chapter of Scripture, a man named Enoch walks with God and doesn't die. "God took him."

Genesis 5 gives us a few nods toward Noah. The first is Enoch. A man can walk with God and somehow be saved from the curse of sin. the second comes in the hope of Lamech. God cursed the soil in Genesis 3. Man's work will be painful toil that yields "thorns and thistles." Lamech feels it, but he sees something in Noah that arouses faith and offers hope. "Out of the ground that the LORD has cursed, this one shall bring us relief from our work and from the painful toil of our hands (Gen. 5:29)."

Is Noah the saving son?

Chapter 6 opens with all the darkness of Genesis 5. Man is thoroughly corrupted. Genesis 5 helps us come to grips with the reality that man dies. Genesis 6 helps us awaken to the astonishing reality of how sinfully he lives. Humans are violent. Their minds only think wickedly continuously. 

But Noah brings hope. Like Enoch, Noah walks with God and God reveals to Noah that there is a way he can escape the coming wrath. The way of salvation is a boat. The plan is from God. God gives instructions on how to build the ark. Noah obeys what God says, and the Lord saves Noah and his family from the flood. 

As the people of God, we will suffer under the curse as we are surrounded by sinners. But like Enoch and Noah, we are invited to forsake wickedness and walk with God. God is good as He has revealed to us His plan for salvation. It is not an ark. It is the saving son. Repent of sin and turn to Jesus. Walk with God and escape the coming wrath. 


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