Genesis 1

God created the world with His Word.

The Bible begins by telling you there is a God rather than proving to you there is a God. The purpose of Scripture is not to tell you exactly how He did it. The purpose of Scripture is to reveal to the reader who God is and what He is like.

Immediately we witness His power. He is not overcome by the darkness or confused by the chaos. His purpose prevails. As He speaks, chaos is brought to order.

Day by day, God forms the world with His Word.

As the images of God, we do something similar. Day by day, we are to apply God's Word to an otherwise chaotic, formless mess and bring it to an order that glorifies God.

Work methodically one day and then get some rest so that you may add to it the next. 

God didn't form the universe in one day or with one Word. He was undoubtedly capable of doing so, but He didn't. He could have just as easily said, "Let there be a universe." as he said, "Let there be light." So God didn't do it in one day. You sure won't do it in one day. God did it in one week. You aren't God. Work at it with what He gives you - 1 lifetime. 

Don't get frustrated with slow. There will be a morning and an evening. You didn't turn the lights on, but you will need to be wise enough to turn them off when God does. Work hard. Enjoy the evening. Go to bed. 

Don't rush it. Be sure to sabbath. God did. Are you not made in His image? Is it not our aim to be like Him?

"And God said." Make it your aim in every situation to consult God's Word and see what God said. If He formed it with His Word, the only way to fix it is with His Word.

"Let us make man in our image." God exists in community. You can't exist without community. Most of the mistakes I've made, I've made alone, isolated. Whether by pride, by choice, or without a choice, unilateral actions, and decisions generally don't go well. So many things in life and ministry I would have done much better with less me and more "us."


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