Eating with Evil

Preachers will tell you that if you live for the Lord that you will be blessed. But the world seems to work well for those who don't live for the Lord. One could even argue, that it appears to work out even better.

Case in point, King Jehoiachin in 2 Kings 25:27-30. Jehoiachin was captured as a young king but he outlasted his enemy. He not only survived 30 years of imprisonment, but he thrived at the table of his enemy's son. 

Jehoiachin is a great comeback story. 

Comeback stories give us hope that if we hold on something better may be coming. 

Comeback stories inspire us to persevere. 

Comeback stories work well in sports, in business, and various venues of life. And Jehoiachin's story is a great comeback story, but it is also a dangerous one.

Why? I explain in this message, Eating with Evil. 


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