The Vine (Talking Points for 7/22)

Here are the talking points for this morning as we will look at John 15.  The gospel brings us into an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ.  This relationship carries with it the expectation that we will bear fruit and prove to be His disciples (v. 8).  We often speak of the closeness of Christ.  We forsake the term "religion" when describing the gospel and choose rather to use the term "relationship."  Yet, Christ is not here.  He is absent.
John 15 is part of Jesus' farewell address as he prepares His followers for His departure.  He assures them that even though He is leaving, the relationship will continue.  They will stay connected (or abide in Him).  How do we stay connected (abide) with Christ in His absence?
  1. Through the cleansing Word.
  2. Through answered prayer.
  3. Through a loving church.
I will also mention this article from USA Today entitled, "Young Adults Aren't Sticking With Church."  People are leaving the church.  How does this relate to John 15 and the idea of "abiding" in Christ?  I hope to see you this morning at Liberty and as we look at this passage and these issues together.


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