8 Points that Killed Me on Calvinism Plus 1

Mike Leake at Borrowed Light, in reviewing Greg Dutcher's book Killing Calvinism lists 8 ways Dutcher says Calvinists are killing the movement from the inside.  I have always said that there are two things that have kept me from toting TULIPs, the "L" and the attitudes of several (not all) Calvinists I know.  Here are the eight ways listed by Dutcher:

  1. By loving Calvinism as an end in itself
  2. By becoming theologians instead of disciples
  3. By loving God’s sovereignty more than God himself
  4. By losing an urgency in evangelism
  5. By refusing to learn from non-Calvinists
  6. By tidying up the Bible’s “loose ends”
  7. By being a bunch of arrogant know-it-alls
  8. By scoffing at the emotional hang-ups others have with Calvinism


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